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129th Graduation: ITS Graduates 1,355 Candidate Leaders

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Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng saat memberi sambutan yang memacu semangat wisudawan pada gelaran Wisuda ke-129 ITS

ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng gave a speech that stimulated the enthusiasm of graduates at the ITS 129th Graduation Ceremony

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) again held a graduation procession for its students through the 129th Graduation Event, which was held for two days, starting Saturday (20/4), at Graha Sepuluh Nopember ITS. A total of 1,355 graduates were officially declared graduates by ITS Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng, IPU AEng.

During the series of graduation processions, the ITS Chancellor, who is often called Ashari, warmly welcomed graduates from various faculties. The inaugurated graduates consisted of Applied Bachelor (D4), Bachelor (S-1), Master (S-2) and Doctoral (S-3) levels. “A total of 355 graduates successfully graduated with cum laude honors as graduates with the best grades,” explained the professor of electrical engineering.

On the first day of the graduation procession, graduates came from the Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering (FTIRS); the Faculty of Civil, Planning, and Geo Engineering (FTSPK); the Vocational Faculty; and the Interdisciplinary School of Management and Technology (SIMT). “The total number of graduates on the first day was 718 people,” explained Ashari in his speech.

Then, on the second day, Sunday (21/4) tomorrow, the graduation ceremony was attended by 637 graduates. Coming from the Faculty of Science and Data Analytics (FSAD), the Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK), the Faculty of Smart Electrical and Information Technology (FTEIC), and the Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business (FDKBD).

Perwakilan wisudawan saat memimpin ikrar janji wisudawan pada prosesi Wisuda ke-129 ITS

Representatives of graduates leading the pledge of graduates at the ITS 129th Graduation Procession

As a pioneer campus of UNESCO’s digital education system, ITS always produces the best graduates at every level of education. The title of best graduate of the doctoral program (S-3) was successfully achieved by Wilson Kosasih from the Department of Technology Management with a perfect GPA of 4.00. A similar achievement was also achieved by a PhD student from the Department of Information Systems, namely Tining Haryanti, with a perfect GPA of 4.00.

Meanwhile, the title of best graduate of the Masters program was successfully obtained by Nissa Amelia Pahlevy from the Technology Management Department with a GPA of 4.00. Not wanting to be left behind, the Department of Environmental Engineering also produced the two best graduates from the Master’s program with a perfect GPA of 4.00, achieved by Fahreza Alvian Nanda and Athaya Dhiya Zafira. The best graduate from the Masters program with a perfect GPA of 4.00 was also successfully obtained by a graduate from the Department of Statistics, namely Christopher Andreas.

Furthermore, a GPA of 4.00 in the Master’s program was also obtained by Alvian Alif Hidayatullah from the Department of Mathematics (by Research). The Department of Chemistry also graduated the two best graduates from the Master’s program with a GPA of 4.00, namely Diana Inas Utami and Annisa Ardiyanti. Finally, Abi Nizar Sutranggono, with a GPA of 4.00, became the best graduate of the Master’s program from the Department of Informatics Engineering.

Salah satu wisudawan saat menerima ijazah kelulusannya dari Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng pada prosesi Wisuda ke-129 ITS

One of the graduates receiving his graduation certificate from ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng at the ITS 129th Graduation Procession

The best Bachelor (S-1) graduate was Benedictus Kenny Tjahjono from the Statistics Department, with an almost perfect GPA of 3.94. Apart from that, the best graduate from the Applied Bachelor (D4) program was Septia Pelita Sari with a GPA of 3.82 from the Department of Business Statistics. “This can be realized because ITS always improves itself by advancing education,” said Ashari.

On this occasion, ITS also graduated two foreign students, namely Nelia Noronha Fernandes from Timor-Leste from the Biomedical Engineering Department. Another foreign student, namely Hasanain Imtiaz Ismail Patel from Saudi Arabia from the Department of Marine Systems Engineering, graduated cum laude with a GPA of 3.89. “This proves ITS’ achievement as the best university with a ranking of 351-400 in the 2024 QS World University Rankings (QS WUR) world ranking,” stressed Ashari.

Appreciation was also given to graduates at the 129th Graduation Ceremony, from youngest to oldest. The youngest graduate was Giselle Hage from the Electrical Engineering Department undergraduate program at the age of 19 years and 9 months with a GPA of 3.71. Meanwhile, the oldest graduate was M. Yusef Tiansyah from the Master of Technology Management Department program at the age of 60 years and 7 months with a GPA of 3.75.

Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng saat prosesi penyerahan wisudawan ITS secara simbolis bersama perwakilan Ikatan Alumni (IKA) ITS pada prosesi Wisuda ke-129 ITS

ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng during the symbolic handover procession of ITS graduates with representatives of the ITS Alumni Association (IKA) at the ITS 129th Graduation procession

Not to hinder achievement, ITS is also open to providing scholarships for students, one of which is the Bidikmisi program. In the Bidikmisi S-1 program, the best graduates were Rogabe Sianipar from the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and Alfauzi Satrio Wicaksono from the Department of Biology.

In his speech, Ashari also conveyed that this graduation ceremony was a form of university accountability to the community. This event also serves as a means of handing it over to parents as an expression of gratitude. “Behind obtaining a diploma, there is knowledge and skills that have been acquired and will help in life after graduating from ITS,” reminded Ashari.

Lastly, to further encourage the graduates, Ashari hopes that they will be able to pursue higher careers and be given convenience in every step. By looking at the next three to five years, it is believed that the graduates will become leaders in Indonesia. For this reason, Ashari advised us to continue to be polite, be filial to our parents, and be tireless in our studies. “May success always accompany the graduates,” he said enthusiastically. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Silvita Pramadani

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