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Nala Proteus: Determined World Champion on ITS Barunastra Sets Sail in America

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General Manager Tim Barunastra ITS I Made Vibra Dananjaya (dua dari kanan) ketika menjelaskan pengembangan kapal Nala Proteus 2.0 di hadapan Rektor ITS dan awak media

General Manager of ITS Barunastra Team, I Made Vibra Dananjaya (second from the right), while explaining the development of Nala Proteus 2.0 ship in front of ITS Rector and media crew

ITS Campus, ITS News — After winning the overall championship five times in a row, the flagship maritime robotics team of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Barunastra ITS, is ready to win again in the 2024 International Roboboat Competition (IRC) in Florida, United States. This time, ITS Barunastra team will carry its newest ship, Nala Proteus 2.0, which was officially launched in the courtyard of the ITS Rectorate Building on Friday (26/1).

This unmanned ship was inaugurated directly by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng, to be ready to compete in the competition, which will take place on February 5–11. Barunastra’s flagship ship was designed with the target of winning the sixth world championship in this prestigious event, as well as playing an active role in innovating to face challenges in the maritime industry.

By holding this determination, Rector Ashari expressed his pride and enthusiasm for supporting the progressive steps of ITS Barunastra team towards global achievements. To be highlighted, after previously succeeding in defeating various world-renowned universities five times in a row, “This is one of the best ways for ITS students to participate in developing maritime technology,” he said.

Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng menyampaikan sambutannya pada acara launching kapal Nala Proteus 2.0 dan pelepasan Tim Barunastra ITS untuk berlaga di AS

ITS  Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng, delivering his remarks at the launch of Nala Proteus 2.0 ship and letting ITS Barunastra Team to compete in the US

The ship was created to navigate challenging routes with the concept of a unmanned surface water vehicle. The ship is not only showing impressive maritime maneuvering skills, but also solving the simulate real-life challenges, including coastal surveillance, port security, and various oceanographic operations.

Ready to compete against more than 18 teams from all over the world, ITS Barunastra General Manager, I Made Vibra Danajaya, explained that the Nala Proteus 2.0 has been updated by using a fiberglass hull that has an embossed design. This design aims to increase the distance between the water surface and electrical components while increasing the stability and safety of the vessel.

Kapal Nala Proteus 2.0 milik Tim Barunastra ITS yang akan diperlombakan pada ajang International Roboboat Competition (IRC) 2024 di Florida, Amerika Serikat

The Nala Proteus 2.0 ship which belongs to ITS Barunastra Team will compete at the 2024 International Roboboat Competition (IRC) in Florida, United States.

Besides, the ship which was the result of the development of the Nala Proteus last year, has also experienced significant improvements. At the moment, the ship is equipped with the latest propulsion system, which not only increases efficiency but also provides greater thrust and torque. “This transformation makes the ship capable of reaching speeds of up to 5 knots,” he explained.

The student from Marine Engineering Department ITS was also showed other significant changes that were visible in the ship’s sensors and cameras, which made it possible to carry out eight missions independently. These missions include navigation via buoys, docking, obstacle avoidance, water blasting, and the ability to localize acoustic pingers.

Demonstrasi kapal Nala Proteus 2.0 milik tim Barunastra ITS mendemokan misi waterblast untuk membersihkan kotoran bergambar bebek yang akan diperlombakan di Amerika Serikat

The Nala Proteus 2.0 boat demonstration which belongs to ITS Barunastra team demonstrated a waterblast mission to clean dirt with a picture of a duck, which will be performed in the United States

Besides the technical side, this ship is also equipped with a software system that integrates artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms. This system is responsible for processing data efficiently and controlling ship movements optimally. “After conducting an evaluation, our team (Barunastara ITS, ed.) decided to upgrade the modularity concept to 3.0 version,” said Vibra.

For your information, the use of this latest modularity technology also marks a progressive step in the shipping industry, showing a strong spirit of innovation in creating more sophisticated and high-performance ships. With a combination of the latest technology and optimized design, the Nala Proteus 2.0 development vessel is a true representation of the continued progress of maritime industry.

Rektor ITS beserta tim Barunastra ITS dan awak media menyaksikan demonstrasi kapal Nala Proteus 2.0 yang beraksi di kolam depan Rektorat ITS

ITS Rector, along with ITS Barunastra team and media crew, witnessed a demonstration of the Nala Proteus 2.0 ship performed in the pool in the courtyard of the ITS Rectorate

As a preparatory step for the IRC 2024 event, ITS Barunastra team has repeatedly carried out a series of experiments and performance improvements on the ship. “Through the latest breakthrough implemented by the team, we have high confidence that we will bring back the title of champion while also giving honor to ITS and Indonesia,” said this class of 2021 students optimistically.

The series of Nala Proteus 2.0 ship launching was also attended by a number of ITS leaders, supervisors of the ITS Robotics Student Activity Unit (UKM), and various related invitees. After the official launch ceremony, the unmanned ship also showed its sophistication in a stunning demonstration in front of the media crew and displayed it in the pool in the courtyard of the ITS Rectorate. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Fauzan Fakhrizal Azmi

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