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April 27, 2024 12:04

ITS Shares Tips & Tricks on SNBT 2024 Socialization

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(dari kiri) Sekretaris Eksekutif SNPMB 2024 Bekti Cahyo Hidayanto SSi MKom, Kepala Subdirektorat Admisi ITS Dr Eng Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEng Sc, dan Kepala Unit Komunikasi Publik (UKP) ITS Dr Rahmatsyam Lakoro SSn MT saat menanggapi pertanyaan para partisipan seputar pelaksanaan SNBT 2024(from left) Executive Secretary of SNPMB 2024, Bekti Cahyo Hidayanto SSi MKom, Head of the Admissions Subdirectorate at ITS, Dr. Eng Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEng Sc, and Head of the Public Communication Unit (UKP) at ITS, Dr. Rahmatsyam Lakoro SSn MT, responding to participants’ questions regarding the implementation of SNBT 2024.

ITS Campus, ITS News –Following the implementation of the National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP), Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is now promoting the admission of new students through the National Selection Based on Tests (SNBT) 2024, which will take place next May. During the hybrid event held on Thursday (28/3), ITS provided tips and tricks for choosing majors and facing the Computer-Based Written Test (UTBK).

Dr. Eng Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEngSc, Head of the Admissions Subdirectorate at ITS, conveyed that there are at least five points to consider when choosing a major. The first point is interest and talent. The chosen major should align with the interests and talents of the applicants. “Don’t be surprised when accepted because it doesn’t match your friends’ interests,” Unggul reminded.

The next consideration is career goals and job prospects. Both of these considerations should take into account current trends, particularly in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Moreover, fields that support these trends have promising job prospects. ITS itself offers several fields that align with current trends. One of them is the field related to computer science and information technology, which consistently attracts a high number of applicants.

Tujuh bidang keilmuan di ITS yang prospek kerjanya sesuai dengan tren Revolusi Industri 4.0Seven fields of study at ITS whose job prospects are in line with the trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In addition to these three points, accreditation of the study program as well as location and costs should also be considered in choosing a major. Information regarding these considerations can be accessed on the official ITS website at “The information on the website is widely available and at our fingertips, so let’s directly search for information from official sources,” emphasized the lecturer from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at ITS.

In addition to considerations in choosing a major, tips and tricks for facing UTBK were also shared, directly explained by the Executive Secretary of the National Selection for New Student Admissions (SNPMB), Bekti Cahyo Hidayanto SSi MKom. Bekti mentioned several things that should be noted in this year’s UTBK selection process.

Kepala Subdirektorat Admisi ITS Dr Eng Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEngSc saat memberikan tips dan trik memilih jurusan pada sosialisasi penerimaan mahasiswa baru ITS lewat jalur SNBTDr. Eng Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEngSc, Head of the Admissions Subdirectorate at ITS, when providing tips and tricks for choosing majors during the orientation of new student admissions at ITS through the SNBT.

The first is to pay attention to the SNBT timeline. SNBT registration itself is open from March 21 to April 5, 2024. Bekti urges students not to delay the registration process to avoid technical issues. This year, UTBK will once again be held in two waves. The first wave will take place on April 2 and May 2-7, 2024, while the second wave will be held on May 14-20, 2024.

Bekti reminded about the portfolio aspect in the registration process. The portfolio to be uploaded should be in line with the chosen major. For participants who have previously participated in SNBP, they are allowed to upload the same portfolio, but it is recommended to use a new portfolio. “The portfolio should also be part of the applicant’s strategy,” said Bekti.

Sekretaris Eksekutif SNPMB 2024 Bekti Cahyo Hidayanto SSi MKom mengajak para calon pendaftar untuk tidak menunda proses pendaftaran UTBK pada sosialisasi jalur SNBT yang dilaksanakan aecara hybrid di Gedung Rektorat ITSExecutive Secretary of SNPMB 2024, Bekti Cahyo Hidayanto SSi MKom, urged prospective applicants not to delay the UTBK registration process during the hybrid orientation of the SNBT held at the ITS Rectorate Building.

The third aspect to be noted lies in the additional requirements in the SNPMB process. Unlike in previous years, this year, participants who pass the SNBT 2024 and have completed the re-registration cannot be accepted again in the Independent Selection (Seleksi Mandiri) at any public University. This then needs to be considered as a strategy for prospective applicants intending to participate in the SNBT.

Lastly, besides changes in the SNPMB process, changes also occur in the UTBK material. This year, there are three types of materials including the Scholastic Potential Test (TPS), mathematical reasoning, and language literacy in the UTBK implementation. In addition to the material aspect, there is also one new type of question that will color the excitement of UTBK this year, namely short answers. “This type of question requires participants to fill in short answers in the form of numbers with certain provisions,” Bekti concluded. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Ahmad Farhan Alghifari

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