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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
August 28, 2023 14:08

Yovie & Nuno Hit the UKM Expo ITS 2023 Stage

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Performance of the song Keeping the Heart performed by Yovie & Nuno on the UKM Expo ITS 2023 stage

Kampus ITS, ITS News – The 2023 Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (UKM) Expo Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) series of events has ended. It was closed with a dazzling stage performance from the famous band Yovie & Nuno at the ITS Alumni Park, Saturday (26/8) evening.

Starting at 20.30 pm, the concert begins with shots of lights with various color spectrums that color the sky. The audience’s footsteps began to move closer to the stage when Yovie & Nuno personnel entered the stage area. Nostalgic euphoria was formed when they played one of their flagship songs, Not as Handsome as Romeo.

The Yovie & Nuno Chico vocalist Andreas (raises hand) signaled the organizers to turn off the stage lights

Even though they are a music group that has been around for a long time, Yovie & Nuno managed to attract a lot of attention from the audience, which was dominated by young people from university students. The chants blared as the band performed their famous songs, such as Guarding the Heart, Had a Time, and Missing Again. The melancholy atmosphere is carried through the song Tanpa Cinta accompanied by saxophone played by Agnes Indah Riyadi.

Even though it was getting late, the stage area was still flooded with the cheers of the loyal audience. The excitement was increasingly felt, when the ITS UKM Expo committee threw large balloons into the middle of the field arena. Once again, the melodious chants of Adhyra Yudhi and Chico Andreas, the vocalists of Yovie & Nuno succeeded in enchanting the audience through the song Human Ordinary.

The faces of the spectators at UKM Expo ITS 2023 were filled with joy when they witnessed Yovie & Nuno’s lively performance

After completing several famous songs from Yovie & Nuno, the sound of fireworks surprised all the 2023 ITS Expo UKM spectators. The color of the explosion succeeded in coloring the night sky accompanied by the smiling faces of the audience who watched with great joy. Not only fireworks, the dynamics of spotlights that emit various light spectrums successfully illuminate the night sky.

Closing the performance, it wouldn’t be complete if Yovie & Nuno had not sung the song that the audience had been waiting for, Janji Suci. Without lingering, the entire audience joined in singing with happy nuances. Seeing this scene, the two vocalists asked all the audience to shoot flashlights from their respective devices towards the stage. Along with this, the committee was asked to turn off the stage lights to support the atmosphere.

The final performance as well as farewell from Yovie & Nuno to the 2023 ITS Expo UKM

In the darkness which was illuminated by the gadget’s flashlight, all Yovie & Nuno personnel also gave a message to the entire audience. “Find your true talents and develop them. I am thankful that ITS always accommodates various SMEs to participate in,” he said, reminding all ITS students who were present. (ITS Public Relation)


Reporter: Bima Surya Samudra

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