Unissula Benchmarking: A lesson learned from MMT-ITS

Thu, 28 Feb 2019
10:29 pm
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Graduate Program in Technology Management (MMT) of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) received a visit from the Postgraduate Program of Sultan Agung Islamic University (Unissula) Semarang (28/2). The delegation from the Unissula Postgraduate Program consisted of three delegates namely Prof. Dr. Ibnu Khajar, S.E., M.Sc. (Faculty of Economics), Dr. Aryani Witasari, S.H., M.Hum. (Faculty of Law), and Budiyono.

The visit began with the intention of Unissula to open MMT Study Program. Whereas, the MMT study program organized by ITS is the only MMT study program in Indonesia. Unissula wants to learn from the success story of MMT-ITS, which has been established since 1996 and is growing rapidly until now. With more than 80 lecturers, 1700 alumni, and 600 active students, MMT-ITS is an A-accredited study program by the  National Accreditation Board for Higher Education. Hence, Unissula delegations are excited to learn from MMT-ITS.

The delegates were welcomed by the Department Secretary, Dr. Ir. Mokh. Suef, MSc. (Eng). in the Executive Training Room and accompanied by Teguh Haryono, S.Sos. as Administration Sub Division Head, as well as several lecturers. The delegates discussed academic management, management of education staff, student prospects to the process of submitting the study program. Mokh. Suef, assisted by the Head of Subdivision and lectures, explained clearly the questions that were conveyed by the guests.

After the discussion session, the delegates visited the facilities and infrastructure owned by MMT-ITS. Facilities and infrastructure visited include classrooms, libraries, auditorium, computer room, and staff room. In the wrap-up discussion, Ibnu Khajar felt very happy because he got a lot of knowledge and excellent service from MMT-ITS. Meanwhile, Mokh. Suef appreciated the efforts of the Unissula delegation for the establishment of the new study programs. (gah/gwb)

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