Technology 4.0 and Society 5.0: How Technology Creates Prosperity for All

Thu, 23 May 2019
2:40 am
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It is undeniable that we are faced with extraordinary technological developments along with the industrial revolution 4.0 that we often hear lately. The industrial revolution 4.0 was based on digitalization and quite radical automation in various industrial processes, ranging from the process of design, production, storage and transfer of goods, marketing, and transportation. Digitalization enables the occurrence of substantive changes in the business model so as to enable the emergence of new businesses that are growing very rapidly and disrupting established businesses that have lived long in the business world. Digitalization and automation raises issues of justice and partiality. Digitalization has created a business model that allows for a harder concentration of economic power than conventional business models. Automation, such as the use of robots in warehousing operations or the use of drones for shipping goods pose a threat to employment.

On the other hand, Japan emerged with the concept of Society 5.0 which made humans at the center of technological development. The Society 5.0 concept seeks to create a balance between technology as a trigger of economic and technological developments as a means to improve people’s lives and social welfare. The implementation of Society 5.0 includes the processing of massive data in cyberspace collected from human activities and other physical objects and the processed products will form the basis of decisions that create more efficiency, security, comfort, health and a more balanced distribution of welfare. .

To discuss the issue, the Technology Management Department, the Faculty of Business and Management of ITS in collaboration with the BKI Academy held a seminar entitled Technology 4.0 and Society 5.0: How Technology Creates Prosperity for All. The purpose of this seminar is to discuss how technology develops to create justice for humanity, reduce economic centralization in some circles, reduce humanity who are marginalized due to not having adequate skills to work, and better human life by using technology intelligently.

Present as speakers at this seminar were Mr. Jusman Mr. Jusman Syafii Djamal, Minister of Transportation 2007 – 2009, Dr. Rudiyanto President Director of BKI, and Ms. Sri Budi Mayaningsih, Chairman of PT. Assist Exiqna Persada. They will be guided by the famous presenter Brigita Manohara. Some of the issues discussed at this seminar are:

  1. How agencies in Indonesia use technology 4.0 as a means to increase competitiveness. Is this Industry 4.0 Revolution real in Indonesia or just a discourse?
  2. How do state-owned and private companies use technology for positive things (such as efficiency, increasing market share, product innovation, etc.) and how to reduce negative impacts (such as reducing emissions, reducing social and economic inequalities, increasing national industry participation, and preventing the collapse of social institutions in community).
  3. What is done by various companies in Indonesia to go to the Society 5.0 which is human centered and how the government should regulate this.

The activity took place on May 22, 2019 at Graha BKI, Sunter which is also the MMT ITS Jakarta Class Campus. This activity is also to introduce the Jakarta MMT Class program which offers professional master’s programs in the areas of Project Management, Supply Chain Management, and Business Analytics. (inp)

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