Our Community Service in Paciran, Lamongan

Fri, 21 Sep 2018
8:40 pm
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Annually, the Department of Technology Management organizes community service activities with a focus on solving problems in the field of technology management. This year, community service was held in Paciran Village, Lamongan District.

Staff of the Department of Technology Management working together


Some residents of Paciran Village have a livelihood as fishermen. Fisherman activities, namely fishing to find fish and other marine products, are very dependent on weather conditions. When weather conditions are unfriendly, fishing activities cannot be carried out and will have an impact on the income of the fishermen’s family. The fisherman’s wife also helps her husband’s economy by clicking (peeling the crabs).

The workshop conducted by MMT Lecturers


Therefore, the Technology Management Department took the initiative to carry out community service activities with education related to entrepreneurship, focusing on financial management aimed at increasing knowledge and pumping the spirit of entrepreneurship especially to the wives of fishermen. This will be an alternative solution for the fishermen’s financial income when fishing is not possible.

The fishermen’s wifes learned to calculate their expenses


The core activities of the community service, namely financial management counseling and submission of donations, were completed on September 20, 2018. This extension was themed “Motivational Motivation for Entrepreneurs to Increase the Economy Level for Fishermen”. In this activity, all educational staff of the Technology Management Department worked together in the implementation of technical activities, while the lecturers acted as coordinators and presenters. The wives of fishermen as participants were very enthusiastic when participating in the activity, this was marked by the activity of participants in discussion sessions and when calculating their family finances.

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