Self Development Outbound: Bonding each other

Wed, 30 Jan 2019
12:33 pm
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Department of Technology Management gave new enthusiasm to its new students through the “Team Building and Self Development Outbound” event which took place at Vanda Gardenia Hotel, Trawas, Mojokerto. The event which lasted for two days (January 26-27th, 2019) was attended by 89 students, both new students and students who were unable to attend the previous outbound activities. Students who take part in this activity come from several fields of expertise, namely Industrial Management, Project Management, Information Technology Management. In addition, there are also two new areas of expertise, namely Supply Chain Management and Business Analysis, both from the professional and executive classes.

Most of the students of the Technology Management Department are busy professional workers and already married. So that they can’t easily socialize with their classmates. This condition is the main background why our department held an outbound activities as a routine activity after each new student admission. Therefore, the aim of this activity is to accommodate the networking opportunity and increase the socio-cohesiveness between students. In addition, they will be easier in cooperating in the field of work and for collaboration in a business in the future.

The activity began on Saturday afternoon (26/1), where students were did the outdoor activities, conducting games called Where is My Shoes, Trust Fall, and ended with group making for the competition which will held in the following day.


The event opened on Saturday night (26/1) by the Secretary of the Department of Technology Management, Dr. Ir. Mokh Suef, M.Sc. (Eng.). The program continued with a motivational session by Dr. M. G. Bagus Ani Putra. He explained interestingly about “Rising Star”. Bagus invited students to explore what motivations made them choose to continue their studies. He also explained, “Basically, if you want to become a rising star, you must have leadership to manage yourself”. Those management aspects include: Emotional based Management, Physical based Management, and Time Management. This activity was also interspersed with seven strip games to train participants’ concentration.


The physical event was then held on Sunday morning (1/27), where students had to get up early and take part in morning exercise. Furthermore, students carry out outbound competitions based on groups that have been formed the previous day. Back in collaboration with the team from the Sidoarjo Outbound “Visioner”, this event was filled with various exciting games such as Rolling Ball, Water in Pipe, Crawl in the Cave, Caterpillar, Water Transfer and the last but not least, Candle War.


Candle War is played by the participants that challenged to light a torch using candle. But, they must defense the burnt candle from water balls shot by the opposing team. The challenge aims to make sure that the candles can fire up the torch. Yoanne, one of participants said that she was very happy with the Candle War game. “Very exciting!”. It is my first time joined a slottery competition,” he added. Yoanne also felt very motivated to study at MMT after attending this outbound event. The event was closed with the announcement of winners and an academic explanation by the Head of MMT-ITS Study Program, Dr. techn. R. V. Hari Ginardi. (ndpe/gwb)

Kindly download the documentation here.


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