MMT students won an Award from the Minister of Transportation

Fri, 14 Sep 2018
12:55 pm
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Prasetyo, a student of Maritime Business Management, a Master of Management Program in the 2017 Class of Cooperation of PT BKI, did not expect to win 1st in the Transhub Challenge: Business Idea Competition 2018. The competition was held by the Department of Transportation assessed by a jury consisting of practitioners and experts startup, IT, and transport. Because of his victory, he managed to get cash worth Rp 50,000,000, – plus the intangible benefit that is Opportunity to get B2B project from transport actor, Opportunity invested by incubator or transportation company and publication opportunity.

Starting from getting information from one of MMT lecturers, he worked on the idea close to the deadline for gathering ideas because he was busy with office and college assignments. He then uses college and work holidays.

The idea that he is a shareholder is SHARC application, the concept of sharing capacity to reduce transportation costs. According to him, with Indonesia’s geographical conditions as well as the logistics and transport conditions of its people today is still inefficient. For example, when boarding, most passengers do not maximize luggage capacity because they are not needed, so there is an empty / unused baggage capacity. On the other hand, for land transportation, the same thing happens. Drivers often drive with empty car luggage or unfulfilled car passenger seats. Though the baggage vacancy, can be used as a source of income by leasing the capacity to those who need it.

The idea led him to qualify as a top 10 finalist on August 10, 2018. In the final round, Business Pitching, he eventually defeated other participants. The highlight of the award was held on September 13, 2018 and Prasetyo received a direct award from the Minister of Transportation RI, Budi Karya Sumadi.



The following video is the video which presented on pitching session on that competition.

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