MMT students won the Best Presenter Awards in ISCRBM 2 2018

Wed, 01 Aug 2018
12:58 pm
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International Seminar on Contemporary Research on Business and Management (ISCRBM) 2 2018 is an international seminar held in Bali on 30-31 July 2018. The seminar was attended by hundreds of participants from various universities to disseminate the results of their research, especially in the field of management.

MMT is proud because three students won awards in that event. They are Anggoro Sudjatmiko, a student from Industrial Management’s cooperation class of PT. Total Indonesie, which won the Best Presenter Awards in the Operational Management Paper. The second student was Ony Prabowo, Student of the Information Technology Management batch 2016, who won the Best Presenter Award in the Marketing Management Paper. The third student is Djoko Cahyo Utomo Lieharyani. He is a student of Information Technology Management batch 2016 who won the Best Presenter Awards in the field of Human Resources.

Djoko, one of the award winners, delivered his presentation based on his research related to Good University Governance (GUG) at universities in Bali. According to his research, universities are organizing GUGs based on self-assessment. Governance in higher education should have to be strengthened. Therefore Djoko conducted an audit with the alignment of business strategies and information technology using COBIT 5. His research was conducted together with his two classmates, namely Pande Gede Angga Priardhi Putra (Angga) and Ida Bagus Gde Kresna Adi Jaya (Gusde). They do research together with the same objects but the research topics are different. Angga conducted research in audit, resources, and information technology capabilities, while Gusde conducted research on a topic, i.e. a union related to information technology.

There are several steps taken by Djoko to complete his research. First is conducting an assessment and audit with interviews with tertiary institutions referring to the COBIT 5 framework. In addition, Djoko also discussed with the expert. The second stage is to test the validity and reliability of the results of the questionnaire with the statistical application. The last step is the process of determining priorities from recommendations with Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process. The results of his research are improved portfolio management. Strategic application portfolios at these universities already exist but have not considered investment, limited resources, program priorities, and services based on existing risks. (dcu / gwb)

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