Gradnite 2019: CEO PT Teluk Lamong encourage students to be a quick learner professional

Sat, 02 Mar 2019
10:45 pm
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MMT-ITS hold Gradnite to celebrate the prospective graduates (2/3). Located at Mercure Grand Mirama Surabaya Hotel, Gradnite was attended by around 110 prospective graduates from the fields of expertise in Industrial Management, Project Management, and Information Technology Management. Gradnite was opened by the head of Technology Management Department Prof. I Nyoman Pujawan and the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Technology Management (FBMT) Prof. Udisubakti Ciptomulyono. ITS Chancellor, Prof. Joni Hermana also appreciates the prospective MMT-ITS graduates who are almost all professionals who have work experience.


This event continued with the awarding session of prospective graduates with highest GPA achievements from following two fields of expertise:

A. Industrial Management:

  1. Narastomo Pramadityo (3.85)
  2. Ade Putri Aulia Wijharnasir (3,84)
  3. Ivan Partana (3,83)
  4. Muhammad Nirwan Andriawan (3.82)
  5. Reynilda Joan Elizabeth Suprapto (3,79)
  6. Rachma Rizqina Mardhotillah (3,76)

B. Project Management:

  1. Muhammad Ali Affandi (3,97)
  2. Briliantie Irma Maya Benitha (3,92)
  3. Bambang Gutomo (3,84)


On this Gradnite event, prospective graduates get a lecture about the professional expertise from Dothy, M.Sc. titled “How to become a millennial professional”. This The Managing Director of PT Teluk Lamong advises prospective graduates to have millennial spirits wherever they are. For the information, the number of millennials in Indonesia to date is 34%, they have their own ways to deal with the challenges of industry 4.0, such as IoT, i.e. resilience, agility, and communication. These skills are soft skills that can be obtained from S2 competencies. While S1 competencies just are hard skills. This MMT ITS board members also provide tips for dealing with saturation in the world of work. Dothy also hopes that prospective graduates can go international, with confidence, active, and not inferior. (wk/aha/gwb)

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