Our New Student Enjoyed the Brand New Outbound

Tue, 20 Aug 2019
7:59 am
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Outbound team building & self-development activities are training activities routinely carried out by the ITS Masters of Technology Management (MMT) to welcome new students at each teaching period. But the special thing this time was, outbound training was held to coincide with the commemoration of Indonesia’s independence day, which was August 17, 2019.

The activity carried out for two days was attended by 123 new students and 9 old students and took place at Tretes Raya Hotel & Resort, supported by outbound instructors who were experienced in their fields. The purpose of holding outbound training is as a place of introduction between all students, especially new students of MMT ITS, the majority of whom have just met each other.

In addition, through several challenges in teamwork building games, students are tested for their management abilities in working with teams and are also required to be able to think strategically in a short period of time. For this reason, the theme raised in the outbound this time is “Business Leaders with Strong Analytical Skills”, in accordance with the ITT MMT tagline, with the hope that all outbound training participants can develop themselves, especially in terms of honing their analytical skills to be applied both in the academic and professional world they.


As expressed by the Head of MMT ITS Department in the motivational night, Professor I Nyoman Pujawan, that the majority of MMT ITS students are prospective entrepreneurs and managers of companies and industries, so they need to be motivated and trained by the soul of leaders with managerial skills and strong analytical thinking . “In addition, the goal of outbound activities that is no less important is that students can build new networks because of the background of ITT MMT students, the majority of whom are professional workers in several well-known companies and industry,” said Gogor Arif Handiwibowo as chief executive.

Outbound team building & self-development are also given several challenges in using Instagram social media to test their creativity. All challenge participants are required to follow, tag and mention the MMT ITS Instagram account, @official_mmt_its. There are 4 categories of challenge winners, namely: upload with the most number of likes, the best photo, the coolest upload caption is also the video of the group yells with the most number of likes. With the holding of this challenge, it turned out that the outbound participant’s enthusiasm was huge. They are competing to display the results of their creativity as possible and collect the number of likes as much as possible. Finally, the winner data from each category was obtained: Lucia Danica (@nicavira) for the category of highest number of likes, Claresta Dwi Pranindya (@clrsta) for the best photo category, Ari Primantara (@ primantara89) for the best caption category. And finally, the video category of the group yells with the most number of likes won by the SEMUT group. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all the participants in the extraordinary challenge. hopefully your cohesiveness does not stop here. (rn/gwb)

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