Rozailin Abdul Rahman


Dr. Rozailin Abdul Rahman


Lecturer of International Business, International Islamic University Malaysia

Research Interest:

  • International Business
  • Human Resource Development
  • Empowerment of Employees
  • Talent Management
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Women Entrepreneurs

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Rozailin Abdul Rahman’s first degree from Multimedia University was in International Business. Later, she pursued her Master of Sciences in Information Technology at Loughborough University, United Kingdom in 2004. Currently, she is a lecturer at International Islamic University Malaysia. Apart from courses that she teaches in International Business, she delves into areas related to Halal products and services. Her Ph.D research also focused on Agribusiness and the acceptance of Malaysian Halal Certification and Malaysia as the global Halal hub among the OIC member countries. Dr. Rozailin has participated in many local and international conferences including the International Symposium Of Halal Science and Management (2009) by Halal Products Research Institute, UPM, 3rd Agrifood Safety Conference 2011, Penetrating The Global Market Through Conformance (2011) by Asia Executive Programmes, Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research Conference (2011), Bangkok, UMTAS (2012), Terengganu, Annual Conference on Global Economy, Business and Finance (GEBF) 2012, Hong Kong and The International Islamic Borneo VI Conference, Sarawak (2013). She plans to become more involved in Halal matters and perhaps collaborate with local and international Halal organizations in conducting research that may be beneficial to both parties.