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Drs. Soetrisno, MI.Komp.

Email soetrisno@matematika.its.ac.id
Ruang U.205 B – LAB ILKOM, Gedung U Lantai 2
Professional membership INDOMS
Profil Scholar Scopus Sinta

Areas of expertise

  • Computer science


  • Magister Degree, computer science, University of Indonesia.
  • Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Publications (Recent Journals and Conferences)

  1. Moving Vehicle Classification Using Pixel Quantity Based on Gaussian Mixture Models, 3rd International Conference on Computer and Communication Systems, ICCCS 2018.
  2. Opinion mining on book review using CNN-L2-SVM algorithm, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2018
  3. Improvement of sub region matching illumination transfer in hybrid shadow removal method for moving, International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE), 2018
  4. Data assimilation method for environmental problem, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 2015
  5. Vehicle speed detection based on Gaussian mixture model using sequential of images, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2017
  6. Multi vehicle speed detection using euclidean distance based on video processing, International Journal of Computing, 2019
  7. Constructing transitive closure on multigraph with adjacency hyperedges matrix, International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Systems, ICACSIS 2017
  8. Simulating video capturing for phacoemulsification surgery using aftermarket cameras, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2018
  9. Role of clustering based on density to detect patterns of stock trading deviation, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2019
  10. Inter session communication in a reactive web application for the IoT system, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2019
  11. Vehicle detection using histogram of oriented gradients and real adaboost, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2020

Research and Development Project

  1. Vehicle Detection Using Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Real Adaboost Algorithm Based on Digital Images, Research Department Funds, 2019.
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