Drs. Kamiran, M.Si

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Drs. Kamiran, M.Si

Email kamiran@matematika.its.ac.id
Ruang F 209, Gedung F Lantai 2
Professional membership INDOMS
Profil Scholar Scopus Sinta

Research interest

  • Finite element Method
  • Numerical Mathematics


  • Master Degree, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.
  • Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, Indonesia.

Publications (Recent Journals and Conferences)

  1. Unsteady magnetohydrodynamics mixed convection flow pass sliced magnetic sphere in nano fluid, AIP Conference Proceedings, vol: 2242, 2020
  2. The effect of magnetohydrodynamic nano fluid flow through porous cylinder, AIP Conference Proceedings, vol: 1867, 2017
  3. Total suspended solid (TSS) pollutant dispersion pattern in the confluence of two rivers, Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics, vol: 17, 2015

Research and Development Project

  1. Dynamics of Spread of Infectious Diseases in an Area Using a Multi-Group Approach (Case Study of Covid 19 in Surabaya), Department Research Fund, 2020
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