Prof. Dr. Chairul Imron, MI.Komp

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Prof. Dr. Chairul Imron, MI.Komp

Ruang U.203 A – LAB Model, Gedung U Lantai 2
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Research interest

  • CFD
  • Aapplied mathematics
  • Graph labeling


  • Doctoral Degree, Computation Fluid Dynamic, Airlangga University. Surabaya, Indonesia.
  • Master Degree, University of Indonesia, Indonesia.
  • Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, Indonesia.

Publications (Recent Journals and Conferences)

  1. Removing non-smoothness in solving Black-Scholes equation using a perturbation method, Physics Letters A 402, 127367, 2021
  2. Cat bond valuation using Monte Carlo and quasi Monte Carlo method, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1821 (1), 012053, 2021
  3. Monte Carlo method to valuate CAT bonds of flood in Surabaya under Jump Diffusion Process, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1821 (1), 012026, 2021
  4. Solar panel angle position correction using light sensor and fuzzy logic control, IET Digital Library, 2021
  5. Unsteady magnetohydrodynamics of nano fluid over porous sliced magnetic sphere, AIP Conference Proceedings 2242 (1), 030027, 2020
  6. Unsteady magnetohydrodynamics of viscous fluid past a magnetic sliced sphere, AIP Conference Proceedings 2242 (1), 030007, 2020
  7. Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow Around Circular Cylinder and Three Passive Controls to Reduce Drag Coefficient at Re= 500, IJCSAM (International Journal of Computing Science and Applied Mathematics), 2020
  8. Design and implementation of battery charging system on solar tracker based stand alone PV using fuzzy modified particle swarm optimization, AIMS Energy 8 (1), 142-155, 2020
  9. Design of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Control Based One-Axis Solar Tracker on Battery Charging System, E3S Web of Conferences 190, 00015, 2020
  10. Performance Comparison of the Single Axis and Two-Axis Solar System using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Controls, E3S Web of Conferences 190, 00005, 2020
  11. Fuzzy Logic Controller Application for an Active Two-Axis Solar Tracking System, E3S Web of Conferences 190, 00004, 2020
  12. Artificial Intelligent Based Fall Detection System for Elderly People Using IoT, 2019 International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics, Intelligent, 2019
  13. Pengaruh Pasif Kontrol terhadap Koefisien Hambat, Limits: Journal of Mathematics and Its Applications 16 (1), 63-71, 2019
  14. Reduction of Cd in circular cylinder using three passive control at Re= 500, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1218 (1), 012052, 2019
  15. A numerical method for valuation of european option with regime-switching volatility and interest rate, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1218 (1), 012051, 2019
  16. Stability and persistence analysis on the epidemic model multiregion multi-patches, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1218 (1), 012035, 2019
  17. Estimation of solar radiation per month on horizontal surface using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (case study in Surabaya), AIP Conference Proceedings 2088 (1), 030018, 2019
  18. Unsteady nano fluid flow through magnetic porous sphere under the influence of mixed convection, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1153 (1), 012053, 2019
  19. Mathematical model of the drag coefficient using three passive controls on a circular cylinder, Applied Sciences 21, 136-145, 2019

Research and Development Project

  1. Volatility And Value At Risk Analysis Of Franklin Global Sukuk Fund Luxembourg With Garch, Markov-Switching Garch, Garch-Markov Chain Monte Carlo, And Garch-Kalman Filter Models, Reaserch Department Funds, 2020.
  2. Mathematical Modeling Of Viscos And Micropolic Magnetohidrodynamic Flows Through Objects Under The Effect Of Mixed Convection And Magnetic Field, Master’s Theses Research, 2019.
  3. Development Of Battery Charging System In Small Scale Solar Power Plant Based On Two Axis Solar Tracker Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (Anfis) Control, ITS Superior Research, 2019.
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