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  • Basic Scientific Writing Training of Information Technology Student

    Starting from 5th of October 2018, all ITS Information Technology Department students have participated in the Basic Scientific Writing

    20 Oct 2018
  • Pembentukan Tim Kerja Zona Integritas Fakultas Teknologi Elektro dan Industri Cerdas (FTEIC)

    Pada hari Jum’at tanggal 29 Desember 2023 telah diselenggarakan Rapat online terbatas (ZOOM) terkait pembentukan Tim Kerja Zona Integritas

    02 Jan 2024
  • Benchmarking the Development and Implementation of Digital Learning (P3D) 2023, ITS Information Technology Department Ready to Collaborate with University of Andalas

    Surabaya, IT Journalistic — The ITS Information Technology Department was visited by a team of lecturers from the Department

    12 Oct 2023
  • ITS Information Technology Department Graduation Procession, 127th Graduation

    The November 18th Institute of Technology (ITS) again held a Graduation procession at the ITS Indoor Futsal Sports Building

    20 Mar 2023
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