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Overview of the Information Technology Undergraduate Study Program


In general, computing is a field of science that studies how to create and use computers. Thus, computing can be interpreted as a field of science that studies how to design and build system hardware and software for various purposes, including data processing, information management; make the computer system behave smartly; transmit data through data communication channels, share entertainment media, find and find relevant information and others. According to ACM and IEEE-CS in 2005, the science of computing is divided into 5 fields, namely: Computer Engineering (CE – Computer Engineering), Informatics (CS – Computer Science), Information Systems (IS – Information System), Information Technology (IT – Information Technology) and Software Engineering (SE – Software Engineering). Information Technology is expected to be able to plan and manage information technology safely, including installation, integration, customization and maintenance. As well as focusing on the methodology of using the latest infrastructure technology.


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