Presentation of Placard from Alumni to the Student’s Representative of IT ITS

Thu, 01 Nov 2018
5:43 pm

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ITS has recently opened the Department of Information Technology at the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FTIK). It was motivated by the interest of new students in the field of computers. Tri Rismaharini, mayor of Surabaya, also instructed its founding based on her view of building Surabaya into a smart city. Opening department requires a lot of funding. Thankfully, the alumni and lecturers had provided assistance on financial and goods for the department. The alumni from the Department of S2 Informatics contributed to the cause by presenting a plaque to Faza Murtadho, the student representative of the Information Technology department. It was conducted during the 118th graduation ceremony. (Saturday, 15/9/18).
The Vocational, S1 and S2 students of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember attended the graduation ceremony. It consisted of graduates from the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FTIK), Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK), and the Faculty of Business and Technology Management (FBMT). The graduation started at 08.00 a.m. It started with the Rector and deans entering Graha ITS. Then, it proceeded with the opening, greeting, and graduation procession until the event is over.
“This year’s graduation is fun and well conceived, because the graduates became the center of attention and the Rector requested us to sing “Reaching Stars” because the Asian Games has just ended. It was very fun because of the change from last year’s concept. I felt very happy because I have finally graduated.” said one of the graduates from the Department of Marine System Engineering.
We expressed our gratitude to all of the alumni and the lecturers who have helped on the development and founding of the Information Technology department. We also wished good luck for the future to our alumni and graduates.

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