Anthropological Kampung Exploration

Even though ITS is a technical institution, we are very open to collaborate on social projects, such as Anthropological Kampung Exploration which was held in March 2017 together with Vienna University

Kampung is known as Indonesia’s traditional settlement where in big cities this settlement usually connoted as a slum area. As a metropolitan city, Surabaya has successfully transformed its kampung to be a livable settlement for low-income people through go-green initiatives, and home-based enterprises that run by its community.

This program was held for the first time in March 2017. Representatives from the University of Vienna came to Surabaya for a kampung exploration, studying and observing the characteristics of Indonesian kampungs, the traditional touch of the people and the culture in a metropolitan city. The program was run successfully for 3-weeks and brought impactful results for the participants and society.

After Movie Anthropological Exploration of Surabaya Kampungs

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Muh. Wahyu Islami P. M. / +62 315-923-411