Global Leadership Camp (GLC)

Leadership is one vital aspect of an organization. Research shows that high-quality leadership leads to better business and management. Development Dimension International (DDI, 2011) unveils that well-trained leaders will perform much better than the untrained one. Developing the leadership of university students becomes critical in producing high quality & ready to work alumni.

ITS purposefully designs a Global Leadership Camp (GLC) to enhance participants’ leadership. GLC is a 2-3 week project-based courses in which participants meet and learn from great leaders, explore their leadership competencies, and do mini projects to solve leadership real-life problem. Besides, participants also learn Indonesian language, traditional music, and dance, and visit local SME. In 2018, this program has been run successfully with 40 participants from Kumamoto University Japan and ITS. The mini project was carried out at 10 Broadband Learning Center in Surabaya.

After Movie GLC 2018

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Muh. Wahyu Islami P. M. / +62 315-923-411