(New) CommTECH Course 2021 Online – Summer Edition

Continuing the success Community and Technological (CommTECH) Camp Program, ITS Global Engagement is introducing a new innovative program, CommTECH Online Edition. You may have a chance to feel the fantastic of CommTECH Program by virtual. So, you may keep learn online and keep stay at home

More about CommTECH Online:

CommTECH online is an opportunity for university students, academics, and professionals from all over the world to learn about community and global issues through a variety of insightful but fun activities virtually. The program includes courses & discussion, virtual social engagement, Indonesian language courses  and for sure learning about Indonesian culture

The aim of this program is to facilitate an opportunity to better understand ITS’s expertise in technology implementation within the society. It will also open up an opportunity to exchange ideas and develop a mutual goal for the future of our community.

Here the list of CommTECH Online Program in 2021 for Summer Edition

  • Sub Course E: User Experience Design for a Hybrid Learning

This course will be held on 26 July – 6 August 2021, start on 09.00 AM (GMT +7, Surabaya Zone Time)


User experience or UX has been gaining a lot of interests from people across disciplines to learn on how a product or a service creates a positive experience to its users. UX is an evolving term which is no longer exclusively related to the creation of digital products such as software, apps, or websites. Instead, the application of UX research has been used to understand users’ experience towards business, marketing, public service, and many others. Revolved in design principles including design thinking, this course is to provide a solid understanding the value of UX in creating hybrid learning experience during the pandemic situation. In this CommTech 2021 online edition, we will cover principles of UX, design thinking, data collection through interviews or/and contextual inquiry, and lastly to generate new ideas for a better hybrid learning experience. Participants will work in groups on a hands-on UX design research through a real project-based learning.

Instructor Coordinator: Octaviyanti Dwi Wahyurini, Ph.D ( CV Dr. Octaviyanti )

(The syllabus will be available soon)

Deadline registration for sub course E is 9 July 2021

  • Sub Course F: Risk Assesment in Lab & Industry

This course will be held on 26 July – 6 August 2021, start on 09.00 AM (GMT +7, Surabaya Zone Time)

Occupational safety and health is a matter that must be considered because it involves assets, both human resources and facilities and or infrastructure. Both of these assets must be protected for the continuity the business of an organization. Wherever we work, there is a possibility of being affected by work accidents and or work diseases. Potential source of work accidents/diseases can come from chemicals, physical, biological, ergonomics and psychology. Therefore, the management and employees must pay attention to all possible sources of accidents in their workplace.
On this occasion, we will discuss related risk assessment in the workplace, especially in the laboratory and it can also be elaborated for the industrial case. With this risk assessment, it is expected that participants will be able to identify the source of the hazard, then evaluate it and take preventive measures. It will be very interesting if all participants bring case studies from their respective workplace for this assessment. From the results of this risk assessment, each participant will provide recommendations for improvements of safety in their workplace, so that work accidents/diseases will not occur or there is appropriate procedure to prevent and mitigate in the event of an accident.

Instructor Coordinator: Juwari, Ph.D

(The syllabus will be available soon)

Deadline registration for sub course F is 9 July 2021

  • Sub Course G: Ring of Fire: Wonderful of Indonesia

This course will be held on 23 August – 3 Sept 2021, start on 03.00 PM (GMT +7, Surabaya Zone Time)


Indonesia is geographically a country that is covered by the Ring of Fire. Yes Ring of Fire is a route along the Pacific Ocean which is marked by the presence of volcanoes that are still in active condition. This phenomenon has both positive and negative impacts for Indonesia. The negative impact, it brings varius potential for disaster due to active volcanoes, start from volcanoes eruption, earthquakes also tsunamis. On the other hand, the positive impact has made Indonesia possess extraordinarily rich natural resources and has captivating natural beauty and leaves behind various historical heritages.

In this program, ITS will invite you to witness how the uniqueness of the various volcanic phenomena in Indonesia and how Indonesia’s efforts to mitigate the disasters. Not only that, you will get a virtual tour experience to enjoy the natural beauty of the volcanoes of Ring of Fire: Indonesia!

Instructor Coordinator: Mariyanto, M.T

(The syllabus will be available soon)

Deadline registration for sub course G is 6 August 2021

  • Sub Course H: How to Build Autonomous Ships

This course will be held on 23 August – 3 Sept 2021, start on 03.00 PM (GMT +7, Surabaya Zone Time)


Interest in autonomous and remotely-controlled ships is growing fast. Enabled by recent developments in sensor technology, connectivity at sea, and analysis and decision support software and algorithms, the first commercial projects are ready for launch in the near future. Autonomous surface vehicles (ASV) are vehicles that operate on the surface of the water (watercraft) without a crew. This topic will focus on what is autonomous surface vehicles, their missions, their unique features, as well as ship design process that include Archimedes theory, Lines Plan, General Arrangement, and ship production process. These basic knowledge will be required when the participants create a ship prototype in accordance with the design that has been determined. At the end of the course, the participants should be able to have a capability to build a ASV prototype.

Instructor Coordinator: Wasis Dwi Aryawan, Ph.D

(The syllabus will be available soon)

Deadline registration for sub course H is 6 August 2021

Only active lecturers, non-academic staffs & active bachelor, master & doctoral students from any background are eligible for this program.

Indonesian students  are not allowed to apply to CommTECH Course Online Edition. However, International Students who currently study at Indonesia & the previous CommTECH Camp Participants are allowed to apply to CommTECH Course  Online Edition

The fee for this program is USD 200 ( USD 175 for ITS Partner University). The fee will covers certificate, credit letter, module and ITS/Indonesia souvenir

If you are interested with this program please kindly prepare your application below:

  • (2021) CommTECH Online Summer Edition Form
  • Scanned passport / scanned of ID
  • Scanned students/staffs/lecturers I.D or statement letter that you are staff or lecturers from your university
  • Formal photo with plain background (without glasses)

Please kindly send your application before the deadline to Mr. Wahyu/Mr. Zulfiqar at commtech@its.ac.id internationaloffice.its@gmail.com

You may also get the update of our program through

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