Pelatihan Tendik IUP (IUP Staff Training)

About the program

Improving soft skill for all elements at ITS has been very important. Not only for students or academic staffs, administrative staffs also need to be improved t in order to be able to actively involve in the business process and excellent services. In addition, the program aims to also upgrade the English skills of 51 ITS administrative staffs. The meetings consists of 15 meetings between April 17 – May 20, 2020.


– Why should we go global?
– Flow and management of IUP
– Excellent services
– How to be an independent learner
– English Upgrading :
– Business Letter
– Creating Announcement
– Receiving Phone Calls
– Handling Complaint
– International Student Activities
– and many more

Method of program

The training is held with fun and interactive method.


For further information, please contact Ms Yani at or