Training of English as Medium Of Instruction (EMI Training)

About the program

In order to achieve ITS’s vision of becoming a world-class research university, ITS, in collaboration with The British Council, held the English as Medium of Instruction (EMI) training for its lecturers. This 4 week-long event was held from the 3rd – 28th of August 2015. 127 lecturers from various departments of ITS attended the training. The purpose of this training was to upgrade the English communication skills of ITS lecturers in order to be able to give full lectures in English.

EMI training was held in 3 batches. Each batch consisted of two groups with 16-24 lecturers in each group. The two groups were taught by two trainers from The British Council, Mr. Steven Anthony Muir and Mr. Anthony Francis Phillips. The training was held on every workday starting from 08.30-15.30, with a lunch break from 12.00-13.00. On Fridays, the training started at 08.00-15.30, with a lunch break and Friday prayer break from 11.30-13.00.

The first batch consisted of group 1 with 17 lecturers and group 2 with 16 lecturers. The training of the first batch went on for ten days, from 3rd – 7th and 10th – 14th of August. The training of the first batch took longer than the next two batches because the lecturers of the first batch were expected to be able to train other lecturers of ITS to give lectures in English. The training took place in the 1st-floor classes of Pascasarjana building and in the LPPM building. At the end of the two-week training, the lecturers held a small farewell party with the trainers. They also gifted the trainers with batik as a souvenir.

The second batch consisted of group 3 with 22 lecturers and group 4 with 24 lecturers. The training was shorter than the first batch, going on for 5 days from Tuesday (18th) until Saturday (22nd) of August. It started on Tuesday rather than Monday because the 17th of August was the Independence Day of Indonesia and therefore it was a national holiday. The training took place in the 1st-floor classes of Pascasarjana building for all the 5 days, and at the end of the training, the trainers were also given batik as souvenirs.

The third and final batch consisted of group 5 and 6 with 24 lecturers each. The training was at the same place and had the same duration as the second batch, from 24th – 28th of August. At the end of the 5-day training, Dr. Maria Anityasari as the head of ITS International Office presented Mr. Steve and Mr. Anthony with a framed picture and several ITS souvenirs as a memento of their time in ITS. After that, a group photo was taken with the participants. Finally, the lecturers held a small farewell party and also gifted the two trainers with batik.

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