I-BEC (Indonesia Blue Energy for Blue Economy Centre)


I-BEC is a consortium initiated by four institutions namely the November 10 Institute of Technology (ITS), Heriot-Watt University (HWU), Aquatera, and PT Tekno Sains. The four institutions have been cooperating as a consortium since 2021. This collaboration aims to form a platform for research, upskilling / capacity-building, and mobility activities to implement blue energy for the blue economy in Indonesia.

There are 9 targets carried out by I-BEC include:

  1. Resource and Platform Management
  2. Pilot Project Support
  3. Transition of Energy Catalyst
  4. Capacity Building
  5. Supply Chain
  6. Technology Development and Technology Transfer 
  7. Policy and Regulation Development
  8. Financial Support
  9. Commercialization


The Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology has excelled in the maritime field since its inception. The ITS community has contributed a lot in the fields of education, research and community service to support the maritime industry sector.  The topic of Blue Energy and Blue Economy is one of the research roadmap and lecture materials at the ITS Surabaya campus. Therefore the I-BEC forum needs to be realized to accelerate government programs in the clean energy sector and a sustainable marine economy, especially for the academic sector.

Heriot-Watt University has been around for 200 years by developing education and research to make a positive impact globally. HWU has developed various research fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Business, and Design. Awareness that humans depend on natural resources has expanded HWU research, namely the processing of natural resources as clean energy. Conducting international collaborative research with ITS can open up opportunities to accelerate the processing of clean blue energy and encourage increased welfare of local communities as a form of Indonesia’s blue economy.

Aquatera is a consulting agency that provides environmental expertise and operational support for offshore, coastal and onshore activities to achieve sustainable development. Aquatera has a multi-disciplinary approach, supporting activities from planning to self-delivery and release. Helping the successful development of programs on land and on the coast such as the development of marine energy or blue energy.

PT. ITS Tekno Sains is a consulting and engineering company which has experiences in providing total innovative solutions and services in Technology and Management. Our company provides consultancy from various areas of expertise. Currently, PT. ITS is expanding its business scope to publisher, infrastructure and e-commerce

Past activities

  1. Going Global Project Online 2021
  2. Going Global Project Online and Onsite at Popoh, Tulungagung 2022
  3. Webinar Series 1, 30 November – 3 December 2022
  4. Webinar Series 2, 7-8 December 2022
  5. Blue Energy for Blue Economy Program Online and Onsite at Sidoasri, Malang, 2023

Future activity

Blue Energy for Blue Economy Program in September 2023 at Sidoasih, Malang

I-BEC’s vision

“To become an inclusive and effective collaborative platform of Blue Energy for driving advanced and sustainable Blue Economy growth in Indonesia.”

I-BEC’s missions

  1. Creating and supporting close collaboration with Academic-Business-Community-Government (ABCG) stakeholders who are interested in designing and implementing Blue Energy to support the Blue Economy.
  2. Facilitating applied collaborative research programs in the field of Blue Energy for Blue Economy.
  3. Facilitating applied industrial development programs in the field of Blue Energy for Blue Economy.
  4. Facilitating applied capacity-building programs in the field of Blue Energy for Blue Economy.
  5. Providing consulting services, technical impact, and activities in the Blue Energy for Blue Economy project, including resource assessment, site selection, technology testing and adaptation, environmental and social impact assessment, supply chain, and project planning and development.
  6. Actively encourage opportunities e.g.case studies for Blue Energy to drive the national Blue Economy industry in the energy sector through outreach and awareness forums