Inbound Staff Mobility

In order to share the ITS expertise to ITS partner’s and prospective partner, ITS are holding ITS Inbound Staff Mobility (ISM) Program twice a year as one of the way to implemented ITS goals. This program is designed for non academic staff from ITS partner and prospective partner. The main purpose of this program are to expose the expertise of ITS through non academic staffs, to build networking between staff and to give opportunity for international experiences for non academic staff. In this program, the staff can have more insight about ITS unit such as human resources, student affairs, documents and archieves, academic, asset and management, IT managemen, Library and International Office.

ITS will select their partner/prospective partner in each program so you may contact your university if you are interested to join this program. Please also check the video below to know more about ISM.

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Brief story of the past Inbound Staff Mobility (ISM)

Inbound Staff Mobility 2018 batch 2

Inbound Staff Mobility 2018 batch 1

Inbound Staff Mobility 2017 batch 2

Inbound Staff Mobility 2017 batch 1