RI-SING University Implementation Plan 2023

A Glimpse of ITS' Collaboration with Singaporean Institutions

ITS is an Indonesia-based public university located in Surabaya, the biggest port city in East Java, which has a strong emphasis on science, engineering, and art. ITS has long been maintaining its reputation for innovative and proactive relationships with industries and public services. The campus occupies a large area of 180 hectares as its main campus which is advantageous for both excellent scientific activities and a pleasant natural environment.

Recognized as one of the paramount technology universities in Indonesia, ITS offers great and challenging career prospects to its graduates. Various works of scientific and social significance produced by ITS student graduates and faculty members have been dedicated to the community and industrial world to help them gain the most of economic and social benefits. Many of our graduates are occupying top positions in business and public organizations.

In the spirit of ITS vision which is to be a world-class research university, ITS is eager to initiate and maintain cooperation with foreign universities and research institutions all over the world. ITS has been cooperating with institutions in Singapore and is looking forward to establishing more collaborations.

ITS has been collaborating in several schemes of cooperation with institutions in Singapore. ITS have signed an agreement with several companies in Singapore such as Thome Marine Consultant Pte. Ltd. (2013-2018), Sembawang Shipyard Pte. Ltd. (2013-2018), Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (2019-2024) also with universities such as Nanyang Technological University (1997-2000) and Singapura German Institute of Science and Technology – TUM Asia (2018-2021).

Areas of Collaboration

A. Research and Innovation

  • A1: Health Care:
  1. Radar Technology for Vital Sign Monitoring System
  2. Electronic Nose for Detecting Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and for Detecting Asthma
  3. Detection of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria and Resistance Genes
  4. Portable Audiometer for Telemedicine
  • A2: Energy dan Food Resilient
  1. Food Resilient Based Sorghum: Wheat and Sugar
  2. Energy Resilient: Coal-like Biomass from Torrefied Palm Kernel Shell
  • A3: Climate Change Mitigation
  1. Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Disease Outbreak Risk Following Natural Disasters in Disaster-prone Areas
  2. Water Resilient due to Climate Change
  • A4: Maritime Sector (Health Safety Security Enviro)
  1. Safety Issue of Overloading Overcrowding Onboard
  2. Air and Sea Pollution Monitoring System
  3. Data Analytics and Integrated Maritime Information
  4. Development of Center for Marine Data Analytics for Decision Making

B. Academic and Publication

  • B1: Capacity Building for ITS Lecturers to Deliver a Case/Global Project-based Learning
  • B2: Capacity Building for ITS Lecturers to Publish High-Quality Journals
  1. Outbound Research Mobility (ORM) to NUS, NTU, and SMU funded by ITS aiming for publication
  2. World Class Professor (WCP) to ITS from six Singapore universities professors aiming for publication
  • B3: Lecturer Mobility to and from ITS
  1. Global Learning Program (GLP) & Guest Lecture Series (GLS) at ITS (Invitation to lecturers from six Singapore universities to visit ITS for teaching mobility funded by ITS)
  2. Outbound Lecturer Mobility (OLM) program (dispatching ITS lecturers to involve in teaching mobility at six Singapore universities)
  • B4: Connecting Classroom
  • B5: Mobility for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students to and from ITS (exchange, lab/industry/community internship, short program)
  1. Inbound Student Mobility to ITS from six Singapore universities with up to six months accommodation scholarship provided by ITS for exchange & internship
  2. Inbound Student Mobility to ITS from six Singapore universities with in-country cost (accommodation, meals, local transport) provided by ITS for 2 week short program on particular topics (minimum 15 Singaporean students)
  3. Inbound Student Mobility to ITS from six Singapore universities with a partial scholarship provided by ITS for 2 weeks Community & Technological (CommTECH) Camp 
  4. Outbound Student Mobility from ITS to six Singapore universities for exchange & internship
  • B6: Capacity Building for ITS Lab Technician to Better Support Research and Education
  • B7: Non-academic Staff Mobility to and from ITS
  • B8: Joint/Double Degree or Plus One Program
  1. 4+1 or 3+1+1 Model with ITS’ International Undergraduate Program
  2. +1 double degree for Undergraduate leading to Master Program
  3. Joint Doctoral Program

C. Language, Culture, and Community Services

  • C1: Virtual Fun Indonesian Language and Cultural Course (FBICC)
  • C2: Engineers in Action (EiA) – International Community Services
  • C3: Customized Short Program for Community Services in Particular Topics

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