Tereza Semradova

Exchange Program - Civil Engineering

My big traveling hero is Ladislav Zibura, a Czech guy, who goes on pilgrimages to countries he knows nothing about. He inspired me. It was vain, my mother’s requests to find out something about Indonesia, so it happened that I came to Indonesia unblemished by too much information and just was surprised.

About food in Indonesia, I can only say. It is spicy! However, not all, and I was surprised that some of the local people do not like spicy food at all. If you want to save your money and I want to, follow your classmates or housemates. You can easily find cheap and tasty food. Furthermore, during Ramadan, my dinner was free, which made me happy. My favorite Indonesian food is Lodeh, Lumpia, Nasi Goreng, Martabak and Es Teh of course!

Food hunting around campus

Being aware of Indonesian behavior was a little struggle for me. Staying late by motorbike was a shock for me, but every time, it was always redeemed by their willingness and incredibly friendly mode. I also appreciate the fact that I had the opportunity to meet other students from all over the world and get to know at least a little about their country.

From my point of view, Surabaya settlers are not prominent athletes but seek, and ye shall find. For myself, I found a tennis club where they accepted me very warmly, despite the language barrier. I also played badminton and volleyball with local people. I love the moment when you do not know each other at all; you do not share the same language, religion, culture, everything that unites you is sport and the fact that you are human.

Holidays in Indonesia are European people’s dream. Spending time in Bali, wow! Furthermore, I could say yes, but please avoid tourist places if you want to get to know Indonesia. I can give you an example. Bali is fantastic with different cultures from Jawa, for example – the Balinese Subak System and Hindu and Buddha temples. The incredible smell and flowers everywhere are amazing.

During our free time, we visited Lombok, Gili Islands, and Malang – Batu mountains, which always had friendly and calm vibes. Even if you are in one country, you have the opportunity to find so many different cultures, and this is precisely the thing that I love about this country. Nature, especially mountains and volcanoes, is impressive; I meet snakes, monkeys, and lizards of different sizes.

Our trip to Bromo Mountain

I could say that ITS Global Kampong cared about us very well; we had social programs, trips, and every time were in an excellent mood.