Maryam Asghari

KNB Program - Information System

ITS life is one of the most remarkable and lovable times of my life, and I get a lot of different experiences a person needs to have in his/her life. Lucky are those who get the chance to enjoy their college life with a full scholarship in a new environment, as many people do not get this chance due to their circumstances or other issues. I am so grateful to get this chance and have the experience of living on the ITS campus, which led me to many people in my ITS life, like finding new friends from different countries and eating different foods from what I am used to. Here are some of my experiences to share with you!

Trips with my ITS colleagues and friends

One of the very recent trips that we had was to Bromo. We went to Bromo, an active volcano, and had unique experiences like cold weather, which is so rare in Surabaya. As you can see in this photo, the food (Pisang goreng and tempe) is frozen at night.

Frozen Pisang goreng and Tempe

Furthermore, watching the sunrise and climbing the mountain with my friends were pleasant moments. I am sharing some moments with you even though I am not a photogenic person. Just enjoy the view!

Pleasant moment with my friends

Surabaya Vaganza Carnival

One of the current program I joined by ITS was Surabaya Vaganza. It was my first experience participating in any carnival. Let us see a photo first to feel the environment!

Surabaya Vaganza Carnival

Not only did I enjoy the environment, music, and so many other exciting moments that happened, but we also made new friends from different countries during the carnival.

The girl you may see in my photo is one of my good friends. ITS life blesses her to me and writing about each experience of me in ITS life would turn into a book, and it is better to write a book about it.