Virtual English Language Fellow

What is Virtual English Language Fellow (VELF)?

The Covid-19 pandemic will not stop ITS in striving for internationalization. In early 2021, ITS and Regional English Language Office (RELO), the U.S. Embassy Jakarta hand-in-hand in running Virtual English Language Fellow (VELF) program. Not only having the activities with undergraduate and postgraduate students, the English Language Fellow is also meeting faculty members, non-academic staffs, laboratory staff and volunteers. To broaden the positive impact, ITS will also involve university students from the Eastern Part of Indonesia University Network (EPI-UNet) to connect with the English Language Fellow virtually. Let’s meet our English Language Fellow and get a chance to connect with her virtually!

Meet Our VELF

Sarah Ford

Caroline Ward

  • Teaching Undergraduate Students
  • Teaching Postgraduate Students
  • EMI Workshop for ITS Lecturers
  • English Workshop for Non-Academic Staff
  • English Workshop for Laboratory Staff
  • English Workshop for ITS Global Engagement Staff & Volunteers
  • Meeting for Students of Eastern Part of Indonesia Universities
  • Working with Academic Writing Center

Detail Activities

VELF for ITS Undergraduate Students

Virtual English Language Fellow (VELF) is a program between Institut Teknologi Surabaya (ITS) and Regional English Language Office (RELO) of U.S. Embassy. This program will be participated by ITS undergraduated student from International Undergraduate Program (IUP) and regular program. The students will be experiencing an international exposure and being taught by an English native speaker.


  1. Effective sentences and paragraphs in English
  2. Good academic presentations
  3. English conversations
  4. Reading strategies

Contact Us

If you have any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us: or +6231-5923411

Are you ready to build your professional profile and join international programs? Still confused on how to boost your English skill? Come and join English Workshop for Postgraduate Students! This online English workshop is specially brought to those who want to enhance their English competency, join international mobility programs, engage in conferences, or publish academic articles on international journals.

Experience online learning with an English native speaker, Virtual English Language Fellow, from the US Embassy. Selected participants will also get special reward to join ITS Global Engagement’s international program/conference by consortium upon completing the program. Go grab your chance now!


There will be six topics and all participants are expected to join each topics:

  1. Reflecting on Your English Proficiency and Knowing Credible Resources for Improvement
  2. Vocabulary for Research Study
  3. Academic Reading & Comprehension
  4. Writing Skills for Research
  5. Presentation Skill for Research


  1. English learning experience with native speaker (Virtual English Language Fellow from the US Embassy)
  2. English skill for academic purposes
  3. Opportunity to join international program/conference by consortium (selected participants)
  4. Certificate of completion (100% attendance)


  • ITS Master/Doctoral Student
  • TOEFL Score ≥477
  • Committed to attend all meetings


  • Scan of Student ID Card
  • Indicative TOEFL/English Proficiency Score (if any)


Register yourself

VELF for ITS Lecturer

In achieving the vision to be a world-class research university, ITS continuously encourages and provides capacity building programs for its stakeholders. One of the signature programs initiated in 2015 is English as the Medium of Instruction (EMI) Training for ITS academic staff.

From 2015 until 2019, almost 300 academic staff have participated in the EMI Training in which inviting native facilitators from the British Council. The purpose of this program is to upgrade the English communication skills of ITS academic staff to be able to give full-lectures in English and to learn new methodologies to provide class in English effectively.

In 2021, ITS works closely with the Virtual English Language Fellow (VELF) program initiated by U.S. Embassy in running virtual EMI Training for ITS academic staff. Learning the fact that ITS has International Undergraduate Program in which the first year is fundamental to learn basic science, English, and nationalism courses, the training will later focus on improving how the lecturers deliver the course.


There will be six topics and all participants are expected to join each topics:

  1. Contextualising EMI: skills and challenges
  2. Lecturing styles and strategies
  3. Observation and discussion of online lecturing
  4. Dealing with large groups
  5. Students need and participation
  6. Creating an interactive learning community


Schedule EMI Training with VELF

Group 1
Date : 6, 13, 20, 27 January dan 3, 10 February 2022
Time : 18.00 – 20.00 WIB

Group 2
Date : 7, 14, 21, 28 January dan 4, 11 February 2022
Time : 18.00 – 20.00 WIB

*) Any changes on topics and schedule will be informed here

VELF for ITS Non-Academic Staff

Have you ever wondered to be taught English by a native speaker? If so, this your time!

Non-academic staff have the important role for ITS to be the World Class University. Therefore, VELF will encourage you ITS non-academic staff to improve English competencies and strive for international exposure. This will be a great opportunity to pave your way to go global. Stay tune for the registration time!


There will be six topics and all participants are expected to join each topics:

1. Introduction and English assessment
2. English Speaking – Greetings + Direction
3. English Speaking – Handling Phone Call
4. Writing Announcement
5. Translating documents and forms
6. Closing and Evaluation

VELF for ITS Laboratory Staff

Have you ever found difficulties in English when conducting a research? If so, this is your time to improve your English competencies.

One of ITS vision is to be the world class research universities. Therefore, Laboratory Staff and Technicians should improve their English competencies to be to able to run a laboratory with international standard. This will be a great opportunity to pave your way to go global. Stay tune for the registration time!


There will be six topics and all participants are expected to join each topics:

1. Introduction and English assessment
2. Reading instruction
3. Reading manuals
4. Writing laboratory modules
5. Writing laboratory manuals
6. Closing and evaluation