Short Program

Short Program for ITS Students

Dear ITS Students,

ITS International Office opens the opportunity for ITS students to participate in the short program at several universities ITS partner & non-partner. The duration of this program depends on each university. Before applying please make sure that you know every condition in this program (duration program, scholarship, academic years, list of subjects). Please be aware, most of university/organization who organize short program don’t cover roundtrip air ticket. You must cover the flight ticket by yourself. There are also important requirements you must know to apply for the exchange program :

– Official Academic Transcript in English version

The official academic transcript in english version is released by Academic office (BAAK). To get this document you should visit BAAK counter number three (3) and make a request to get the academic transcript in English. The officer will give you the form to fill in and submit the form at the same counter. Please kindly wait for 2-3 days to get the signed transcript from BAAK. Once received, please copy your transcript and legalize it at BAAK counter number two (2).

– Certificate of Enrollment (Surat Keterangan Mahasiswa Aktif ITS dalam bahasa Inggris)

This document aims as a proof that you are ITS students. You can get this letter from BAAK.

– Certificate of English Profiency

You can use TOEFL/IELTS depends on requirements of the program. For short program under partnership with ITS usually you can use EFL (from CLC ITS / UPT Bahasa dan Budaya ITS). Please make sure that your TOEFL/IELTS/EFL is still valid (valid means no longer than 2 years from your test date)
– Passport

Please make sure that you should submit your passport to join study abroad program. Please make sure that your passport still valid at least 1 year. ITS IO will not porcess your documents if you don’t submit your passport. It’s better to prepare this documents from earlier
– Motivation Letter
you should submit the motivation letter 500 – 1000 words (based on requirement program).  Please mention the reason why you want to join the program and what impact after you join the program in your motivation letter.

– Statement Letter (Surat Pernyataan)

This letter to confirm that you’ve alraedy know the condition of the program and will obey the rule. Please download the file in this link Surat Pernyataan Short or Student Exchange Program
– Funding Request Form
You can apply to get fund from ITS. You can download the form in this link :FORM-PENGAJUAN-DANA-PERTUKARAN-MAHASISWA

Academic Administration and Student Welfare Bureau (BAPKM) provides financial support (round trip flight ticket) in accordance with Directorate of International Partnership (DHI) for ITS students who are interested to join international mobility activities such as student exchange, internship, and short program.


The following documents must be submitted by students before departure:

–          Filling in and completing the FORM OF FUNDING SUPPORT signed and stamped by the Head of Department

–          Letter of Acceptance

–          Writing the APPLICATION LETTER addressed to Vice Rector of Academic and Student Affairs known by the Head of Department.

–          Itinerary of international flight (economy class)


Please submit the documents two weeks before the program. Failing to submit by the given time, the proposal will not be further processed.
Please check the complete procedure in this link : POB Pengajuan Bantuan Dana – Last Update 1 Mar 2016

Here is the list of short programs which currently open for registration:


Program Name University/Organizer Website Deadline Eligible Applicants Submit Your application to:
LILLE European Summer Program 2019 The Université Catholique de Lille, France, 1-Apr-2019′ Students (D3,D4,S1,S2,S3) Direct to Organizer
2019 Summer Program (NTU) Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability National Taiwan University (NTU) 30-Apr-2019′ Students (D3,D4,S1,S2,S3) Direct to Organizer
University College London (UCL) Summer School 2019 University College London (UCL) 1-June-2019′ Students (D3,D4,S1,S2) Direct to Organizer
2019 INHA University Summer School Inha University, South Korea 15 Feb-2019′ Students (D3,D4,S1,S2) to International Office (Mr. Wahyu)