Doctoral Study Bridging Camp

An Overview

In the vision of becoming World Class University, ITS will not stop to encourage young lecturers to get their doctoral degree. Therefore, ITS Global Engagement requires young lecturers to take part in the Doctoral Study Bridging Camp. This is a compulsory training program to provide ITS lecturers a knowledge in pursuing the doctoral degree abroad.

In 2020, the Doctoral Study Bridging Camp was held from 15 July 2020 to 30 September 2020.  This training program was consisted of 13 meetings, 12 Compulsory Sessions and 1 Optional Compulsory Session. To pass this program, participants must have actively attended at least 80% of the total number of meetings and completed the assignment.

The Meetings

  1. Why S3, main obstacles, preparation list, course structure, worksheets
  2. Preparing for TOEFL, IELTS, other languages
  3. Writing an outstanding CV/Profile
  4. Finding suitable research topic, supervisor, and university
  5. Finding suitable scholarship
  6. Writing a research proposal
  7. Writing an excellent motivation/ statement letter
  8. Administrative Matters
  9. Interview Simulation with LPDP Interviewer (Group-based)
  10. Let’s Share – Research Proposal (Paralel A & B)
  11. Let’s Share – Language Proficiency
  12. Closing

  1. Let’s Share: Study in Japan and Germany
  2. Let’s Share: Study in Taiwan and USA
  3. Let’s Share: Study in Malaysia and Canada
  4. Let’s Share: Study in China, Singapore, and Australia
  5. Let’s Share: Study in UK and France
  6. Let’s Share: Study in Portugal & Switzerland, and the Netherlands

Video Recordings

Learning Materials

Let's Share Revealing My Journey Benefiting Others-1-7


Menata Langkah Menuju Pasca Sarjana full - Siti Dwi Suryani-1-5


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