GCW Non-Degree

What is GCW Non-Degree?

Global Competencies Workshop (GCW) Non-Degree is a series of insightful workshops that provides knowledge about study abroad preparation to increase insights, encourage desire, and improve the students’ capability to go global. ITS students in all batches can be participating in this enlightening workshop and enjoy a lot of benefits.

Scope of GCW Non-Degree



  1. Knowledge about preparation abroad programs.
  2. Review documents from experts.
  3. Stamp4it
  4. Special reward


Will be announced soon.


Fahri Ihsan Nalendro-02411940000074 (Industrial and systems engineering)

1st Rank in GCW Non-Degree

GCW Non Degree can be called as a “one-stop solution” for all of ITS’ students who are willing to try international exposure. For those who think that “I’m not that ready enough” or “Who I am?” for trying some international activities, bear with me, guys, because I was also used to being that type of person. I used to think that I don’t need international exposure like ever, not because I really didn’t want to, but simply, because I didn’t know what I should prepare for. Again, for those who doubt themselves for improving or developing themselves by joining international activities, you may want to try join GCW Non Degree

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workshop.ioits@gmail.com (Mr. Daniel/Ms. Anjie)

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