GCW Degree

What is GCW Degree?

Global Competencies Workshop (GCW) Degree is a series of workshops for preparation degree programs. Provide an overview and understanding about document selection and study abroad tips before starting the postgraduate programs overseas, as well as increasing participants’ interest to continue postgraduate studies with total preparation. This program is specially arranged for undergraduate ITS Students in the 3rd and 4th year of the course and postgraduate students.

Scope of GCW Degree



  1. Knowledge about postgraduate abroad programs.
  2. Preparation tips with simulation
  3. Certificate with assessment
  4. Special reward


Will be announced soon.

GCW Degree 2021

Coming soon:

14-16 May 2021


Fahmi Ula – 10111510000072 (Civil Infrastructure Engineering)

Top 3 Highest Scoring GCW Degree 2019

An excellent workshop, well structured, and full of material, and practical for the uninitiated. I definitely, finally have broadened my horizons of preparing and applying for scholarships and study abroad. This is one of all the workshops that I have attended where actually feel like I have gained a huge amount of info and tips. Then, I left the workshop knowing exactly what I had to do!

Documentations of GCW Degree 2019

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