International Competences in Healthcare Technology

An Overview

International Competences in Healthcare Technology is a collaborative project-based program initiated by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya and VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Belgium. Participants of this program have the opportunity to globally enhance their knowledge and hands-on experience in healthcare technology. The program itself will be running with 7 session, starting from 12th February 2021 until 21st May 2021 through Zoom.

This program is one of the efforts to strengthening ITS international partnership and bring international exposure to ITS students. But not just that, this program is also one of ITS ways to accelerate its contribution to community, since participants are targeted to create prototypes or innovative health products in the end of the program. This products later would be given to patients from several hospitals located around the city of Surabaya, such as Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah (RSUD) Dr. Soetomo, Rumah Sakit Universitas Airlangga and Rumah Sakit Sumberglagah Mojokerto.

This program has selected 31 students from ITS, majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Industrial Design, that will be teamed up with 17 students from VIVES University of Applied Sciences. Participants are expected to make prototypes or products of technology for post-operative patients, technology for amputee, technology for eyes (funduscopy), technology for post-stroke rehabilitation, welfare engineering for mobility handicap (lower limb), and technology for visual impairment.

Past Meeting