Unveiling the Virtue of Great Urban Places in Asia

An Overview

In the modern and fast pace of life we are currently experiencing, many young are losing their identity and understanding of traditional values, wisdom, and cultural connections. Even though modernization and the use of technology have brought a lot of benefits, appreciating and keeping old values and wisdom, as well as preserving and celebrating their uniqueness seems important for living in harmony and balance.

ITS Indonesia and SIT Japan hand-in-hand initiate Unveiling the Virtue of Great Urban Places in Asia program. Led by the great mind of Prof. Shunji Suzuki (2019) in Great Urban Places in Asia, participants of this program will be guided to sense and reflect the values of various great urban places in Asia so that we do not see those places as musty and unpleasant, but rather places with values behind them.

From Urban Planning and Architecture understanding, we are going to dive deeper into something intangible. We are going to explore something beyond the cities and buildings, it is what we called a virtue. There is a social, culture, and economy behind those physical things that need to be aware of. From this self-reflection, we can have a better understanding of life and the surroundings.

This program is a series of 6 sessions that will be conducted once a month from May to October 2021. Each session will be 2-3 hours. This program is open for everyone from all countries, backgrounds and disciplines. As program outcomes, the participants will be encouraged to create the artworks, such as painting, poem, or song. The artworks will later be published on ITS Global Engagement Instagram as the Virtual Exhibition after the 5th session.

The Sessions

SessionDate & TimeTheme
May 8, 2021
12.30 GMT+7
Sense of Place
June 12, 2021
12.30 GMT+7
Istanbul: City of Two Continents
July 10, 2021
12.30 GMT+7
Jakarta: The Melting Pot
August 14, 2021
12.30 GMT+7
Yogyakarta: Javanese in Its Core
Sept 11, 2021
12.30 GMT+7
Tokyo: A Megacity
Oct 9, 2021
12.30 GMT+7
Sense of Place: A Reflection

*We are opening the session for non-registered participants. Please join the session through:

Join Link Meeting: https://bit.ly/ZoomVirtueofAsia
Meeting ID: 970 6096 4416
Passcode: UVGUPA

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