UMAP Discovery Camp Winter 2024 will be held in Indonesia on February 3rd – February 29th, 2024 hosted by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Universitas Semarang, Universitas Islam Riau, and Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Nobel Indonesia. The program will take place in Surabaya-East Java, Semarang-Central Java, Riau- Sumatra, Makassar-South Sulawesi.

Program Objectives

The program aims to facilitate the learning and understanding of SDG implementation in several areas in Indonesia. Within the program, the participants will be able to explore the SDGs implementation particularly about SDGs 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 13 and 15 in ITS, Surabaya as host university on 17-23 February 2024. Not only learning in classroom settings, activities in host universities also include site visit, sharing and discussion with local government and NPO about the initiatives towards aforementioned SDGs.
The main and the first host of this program would be ITS who will lead the pre-onsite program by zoom and become the host of the first week of the program.

In addition to that, participants will get the opportunity to know more about SDGs implementation in co-host institutions including Universitas Semarang, Universitas Islam Riau, and Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Nobel Indonesia in Makassar in the second week of the program. Between 24-29 February 2024, the participants will be divided into several groups and dispatched to the co-host institutions. Activities in co-host universities will broaden participant’s insight about the SDGs implementation and challenges in different areas in Indonesia. At the end of the program, participants are expected to gain a comprehensive understanding of the SDGs, develop practical skills for their implementation, and build a network of like-minded individuals and organizations committed to sustainable development in Indonesia. The program aims to contribute to the overall progress of SDG implementation in the country, fostering positive change, and promoting a more sustainable and equitable future for all Indonesians.


  • Open for all non-Indonesian students of UMAP Member universities;
  • Being recommended by the International Office of Home University (via USCO and Recommendation Letter).

Required Documents

  1. Motivation letter
  2. Scan of passport cover
  3. Scan of biodata on passport
  4. Scan of student ID
  5. Formal Photo (with red background)
  6. CV (in English)
  7. Recommendation Letter (Download template here);

Important Dates

Important Dates:

Information Session:
Get to know more and have chance to ask directly to us by joining the information session on 15 September 2023 & 13 October 2023 (08.30 A.M GMT+7)

Zoom meeting link:
Meeting ID: 922 2581 3936
Passcode: UMAPDC2024

Registration Deadline:  15 November 2023

Application Result Announcement: 30 November 2023

Pre Departure Orientation:  4 December 2023

Program Date:

Phase-1 (3 & 10 February 2024):
Online Activities

Phase-2 (17 – 23 February 2024): 
at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)

Phase-3 (24-29 February 2024):
The participants may choose whether they are willing to proceed to Phase-3 or finish their program. If they are willing to proceed to Phase-3, then the participants may choose to continue the program at one of the co-host: Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember,  Universitas Semarang, Universitas Islam Riau, or Institut Teknologi & Bisnis Nobel Indonesia.

Please check the guidebook here. (please kindly check regularly, we will update any practical information regarding the program there)

Registration Process

1. Please click this link:
2. Register through USCO system
3. Upload all of the documents
4. Please choose “UMAP Discovery Camp 2024”
5. Please inform the UMAP PIC at home university to nominate in the USCO system

Host Universities

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is a leading university in the field of science and technology in Indonesia. Established in 1960 in Surabaya, Indonesia, ITS aims to become a world-class university contributing to the independence of the nation and becoming a reference in education, research and community service, as well as the development of innovation, especially those that support the industry and the maritime sector.

ITS Surabaya is currently organized into nine faculties, i.e. Faculty of Medicine and Health, Faculty of Science and Data Analytics, Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering, Faculty of Civil, Planning, and Geo Engineering, Faculty of Marine Technology, Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology, Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business, School of Interdisciplinary and Management Technology, and the Vocational Faculty. The nine faculties cover 43 undergraduate programs, six vocational study programs, 27 master programs, 16 doctoral programs, and 17 International Undergraduate Programs (IUP). ITS has seven study programs with international accreditation (IABEE and ABET) and 16 study programs with the AUN-QA international certification. ITS has international partners involving more than 360 partner institutions in 52 countries.


Address: Jl. Teknik Kimia, Keputih, Kec. Sukolilo, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60111

Universitas Islam Riau is the oldest university in Riau, founded on 4 September 1962 – 23 Zulqaidah 1382 H. It was managed by Yayasan Lembaga Pendidikan Islam ( YLPI) by six of its founding fathers:
1. H. Arifin Achmad
2. H. Soeman Hs
3. H. Zaini Kunin
4. H.R Subrantas Siswanto
5. Hj. Khadijah Ali
6. H. Kaharuddin Nasution
The existence of Universitas Islam Riau as the oldest university in Riau was a long history to UIR today, inseparable from the development of Islamic education in Riau, especially in Pekanbaru.
The development of UIR makes an important contribution to develop intellectual world which has been in direct touch to the development of the province since 1958. Despite of its initial establishment from September 4th 1962, the dream of YLPI founding fathers to establish a university in the province finally came to take place through its inauguration on 18th April 1963 by the director of UIR establishment committee, Datuk Wan Abdurrahman. Taking part in the ceremony, H. Anton Timur Jaelani, M. A, the head of Higher Education affair of Indonesia Religious Affairs Ministry, signed the charter of Universitas Islam Riau.

Address: Jl. Kaharuddin Nst No.113, Simpang Tiga, Kec. Bukit Raya, Kota Pekanbaru, Riau 28284 

Established on 23 June 1987 as Politeknik Semarang by Universitas Diponegoro Alumni Foundation. In 1994, Politeknik Semarang was officially converted to Universitas Semarang (USM in abbreviated). Located in the multicultural city of Semarang, Central Java Province, it sits within 6.85 acres near the downtown and has become one of the most prominent private universities in the province.
USM boasts strengths in science, technology, and social fields. The university offers academic programs for Diplomas, Bachelor, and Masters. Currently, it has six faculties that provide in-depth specialization in each field. The faculties are:

1. Faculty of Law
2. Faculty of Engineering
3. Faculty of Economics
4. Faculty of Agricultural Technology
5. Faculty of Informatics and Communication Technology
6. Faculty of Psychology
Postgraduate program: Master’s in Management, Master’s in Law, Master’s in Psychology.

USM currently has a total of almost 22,000 students enrolled from all over the country. Some international students are pursuing their bachelor’s degrees at USM. To enhance the students’ international exposure, USM holds programs that involve international students and professors annually. USM supports students in achieving academic and non-academic levels (sports and arts).
Along with USM’s objective to be an excellent university in 2024, USM’s research supports the development of local and national communities by developing research in science, humanities, and technology. USM will continue striving to develop all potential to benefit the community and the world.

Address: Jl. Soekarno Hatta, RT.7/RW.7, Tlogosari Kulon, Kec. Pedurungan, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50196

Institut Teknologi & Bisnis Nobel Indonesia started with the establishment of Nobel Indonesia Education Foundation in 1997 in Makassar City by two educational figures, Drs. H. B. Amiruddin Maula, SH., M.Si., MH. (alm.) and Drs. H. Sjarlis Iljas, M.Ec. Accountant (alm.). An institution engaged in management development was established from the foundation, namely the Management Education and Training Institute (LPPM) Nobel Indonesia Makassar. In addition, it also opened an education program equivalent to Diploma One in tourism and hospitality and export import.

Address: Jl. Sultan Alauddin No.212, Mangasa, Kec. Makassar, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90221


Mr. Vidian Ade
WhatsApp: +62-89800-955-81

WhatsApp: +62-89800-955-81[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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