Global Project-Based Learning (GPBL) is a short program where students from different countries work as tag teams to discuss and solve problems presented by higher education institutions and corporations. GPBL encourages students to engage in acquiring problem-solving capabilities, systems thinking, and systems management skills through this problem-solving experience. GPBL is also one of the endeavors aimed to strengthen Industry and Academia partnerships.

This time, ITS Surabaya in collaboration with KONE Corporation and the Belt and Road Architectural University International Consortium (BRAUIC) proudly presented Global Project-Based Learning (GPBL) ITS-KONE-BRAUIC 2023 – The Future of Sustainable Building: Innovation and Collaboration.

The program discussed 5 case studies on architectural and green building solutions where participants compete to resolve the problem with a global perspective.

The implementation of this GPBL program will be in conjunction with the 2023 BRAUIC Conference and Forum. The 3 winners will present their group project in the BRAUIC Conference and Forum

Challenges Statements

  1. Accessibility & User-experience: How can we develop technologically advanced and inclusive solutions for vertical transportation in Indonesia, promoting accessibility, improving user experience, and optimizing flow for diverse users while addressing challenges like high-rise buildings, traffic congestion, and maximizing efficiency between hubs/buildings?
  2. Robotics & Automation: How can we effectively utilize robotics and automation technologies to achieve the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness to meet diverse needs or applications in both existing and newly constructed buildings?
  3. Energy-efficiency & Sustainability: Considering the creation of a sustainable and energy-efficient future for the new capital city, how can we design and implement a circular elevator system that minimizes the environmental impact throughout its lifecycle, while ensuring eco-friendly solutions and processes are incorporated?
  4. Safety: How can we leverage advanced technologies to detect, predict, and mitigate potential risks or malfunctions in real-time within vertical transportation systems, enabling proactive maintenance and enhancing overall safety?

Case Studies

  1. Siola
  2. Ex Hi-Tech Mall
  3. Rusun Indrapura
  4. Pasar Blauran
  5. Pasar Pabean


  • 1st Winner: Rp10.000.000 & Internship at KONE
  • 2nd Winner: Rp8.000.000 & Internship at KONE
  • 3rd Winner: Rp5.000.000 & Internship at KONE
  • + International exposure and networking
  • + e-Certificate

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