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Being the only well known state institute of technology in the eastern part of Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)’s vision is to be a world-class university with an international recognition in science, technology, and art. And, ITS’ mission is to contribute to the development of science, technology, and art for the welfare of the community through educational activities, research, community service, and management systems based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

ITS welcomes senior academics, researchers and professors from overseas partners who wish to expand collaboration in exchanging expertise, teaching or carrying out research at ITS. Here are some useful information regarding the program:

Submit your application to Ms Yani at and

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Visa on Arrival

Refering to the page of Immigration website, foreigners that are planning to visit Indonesia for Holiday, Family, Social, Cultural, Business purposes such as: Holiday, Family, Social, Art dan cultural; governmental visit; non-commercial sport activity, Benchmarking, shortcourse, short training, Giving consultation and training in implementing technological innovation on industry to improve Indonesian industrial product design quality, and foreign marketing, Working in a very urgent matters, journalistics (with approval by Minister of Foreign Affairs), Non-commercial movie making (with approval by Minister of Foreign Affairs), Business meeting, buying goods or products, Giving lecture or following seminars, participating on international exhibition, attend meeting held by Head Office or Branch office in Indonesia, Audit, quality control, inspection to a branch office in Indonesia, foreign workers on probation, transit, and join a transportation mode in Indonesia may choose visa on Arrival.

Foreigners can apply this visa upon arrival in Indonesia, if the nationality included on visa on arrival countries list (please check the list on or by visiting the nearest Indonesian Embassy in your country).

A holder of Visit Visa on Arrival is given 30 days stay and can be extended in Immigration Office for 1 (one) time, to have another 30 days stay.

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  1. Puncak Kertajaya Apartment
  2. Educity Apartment

“My name is Lieve Van Der Schueren, and I am a lecturer at the Vives University of Applied Sciences, Department of Commercial Sciences, Business Management and Informatics, in Kortrijk, Belgium.

In September 2017, I got the opportunity to give a guest course at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology in Surabaya (ITS) at the Department of Business Management. The title of this course was ‘A practical approach to international trade, the case of Indonesia and Belgium/Europe’. The lectures and workshops of this course aimed at transferring theoretical knowledge on incoterms, getting acquainted with the documents used in international trade, and applying this knowledge on small and larger cases. The course went very well and ITS students swiftly adopted this complex matter. I was struck by their enthusiasm, their eagerness to learn and the way they collaborate to overcome the communication issues that go together with such international exchanges.

During the same stay I also worked with ITS students on developing the business plan for the course New Venture Creation. Just like in Vives in Belgium, ITS students have to set up and run a small firm during their education. I was invited to coach the brainstorming sessions wherein they searched for market opportunities and fitting products and services.

I also met with Mrs Maria, Mr Imam, Mr Berto, Mr Saiful and other collegues as we wanted to introduce our schools to each other and study both curriculums in detail. These meetings were the starting point for a further collaboration between our schools, and since September 2017 several exchanges took place already. Celine, student from Vives, did a two months internship at Eternit Gresik in tandem with Andri, a student from ITS. Mr Imam and Mr Nugroho from ITS gave guest lectures at the International Staff Week of Autumn 2018 in Vives. In April 2019 Johan Theuninck from Vives will be lecturing at ITS. And this is clearly just the beginning of the collaboration.

The exchange with ITS Surabaya, that started with my first visit in 2017, has become very valuable to me and to my colleagues at Vives, from a cultural as well as from a professional perspective. I remember how upon my first arrival at the airport of Surabaya, on a late Saturday evening and totally exhausted from a delayed flight, I was welcomed by Mr Wahyu from ITS International Office and Petri, a student volunteer. They offered me a hot salted drink and kindly accompanied me to my hotel. And this hospitality was going to last my entire stay. I remember students Rizqi and Kezia as the most enthusiastic guides you can imagine when proudly showing me their home-city Surabaya. I cherish the memories of my stay at ITS and I thank Mr Ketut Buda Artana, vice rector, Mrs Maria Anityasari, head of international office, Mr Imam Baihaqi, head of the department of Business Management and all lecturers, staff and students of the department for their support. As I promised you then, I shared this nice experience with my colleagues at Vives, and they look forward to settle and widen the exchange of students and staff between our schools.

I wish our collaboration may grow the oncoming years, to the benefit of our students and their future”.