Wed, 24 Feb 2021
8:21 am
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Fun Bahasa Indonesia and Cultural Course (FBICC) is one of Institut Teknologi 10 Nopember (ITS) Global Engagement’s programs which gives an opportunity for global citizens to learn Bahasa Indonesia and cultural understanding. The previous program ran successfully and attended by 198 participants from 25 countries around the globe. Continuing the success, we are delighted to inform you that ITS Global Engagement proudly opens the registration of FBICC 2021.

Joining the FBICC to learn Bahasa Indonesia has become an advantage since Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia through the diverse archipelago nation of more than 300 ethnic groups (, October, 2020). Therefore, learning Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian rich culture will be beneficial for you as a world citizen. FBICC will be held virtually by ITS Global Engagement WITH NO CHARGE. The program is open to the public, college students, lecturers, and professionals throughout the globe.

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