UPM Student Exchange Spring Semester 2024

Mon, 30 Oct 2023
3:36 pm
Exchange for ITS Students
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Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)  would like to inform you that the registration for semester exchange application for Spring semester 2024 (Intake March 2024) is open.  The tuition fee for this program is waived. However, the accepted students are responsible for their learning materials, dormitory and living expenses in Malaysia including Roundtrip Flight Ticket, visa fees, facility fee & Insurance. The students also need to check entry regulations from Malaysian Government 

This program is open for ITS Students D4/S1 (batch 2021)

You may check information about UPM –>

General Information about the exchange –>

The list courses you may download from this link ( You only allow to take courses from one Faculty) :

ITS Students also must take and transfer maximum credit opportunity

Here is some additional information that students will need to take into consideration to pursue their inbound mobility program at UPM

  1. Visa Requirements
    Students will need to apply for a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to enter Malaysia which can be applied through the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). The visa application procedure can be accessed through the EMGS website at
  2. On-campus Accommodation
    UPM does offer on-campus accommodation that can be booked for mobility students. However the availability of the on-campus accommodation is strictly based on first come first serve basis. For more information on these accommodations you may visit the following website.

     *If you would like to stay at any UPM College, you will need to contact or to book your place at the UPM College.

  3. Navigating through your Mobility Program during COVID-19
    The pandemic might have halted the mobility efforts briefly. However, in ensuring the spirit of internationalization to be kept alive, various strategies have been implemented to overcome the challenges that have been raised. The introduction of virtual and hybrid mobility along with the reopening of borders worldwide with strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) are some of the strategies that have been introduced to ensure the mobility efforts can be rekindled. Here are some of the important information that you might need to know especially if you are looking to pursue your mobility program during the pandemic.

    1. Virtual Mobility Program
      1. Be aware of the time zone differences between your home country and UPM.
      2. Take note of the schedule for the virtual courses and any additional preparation required to join the program, such as any UPM specific online learning environment.
    2.  Hybrid Mobility Program & On-site Mobility Program
      1. Take note of the virtual/on-site study period for the program.
      2. Be informed on the rules and regulations along with the SOP that you will need to adhere to enter Malaysia
      3. Apply for the appropriate visa
      4. Adhere to the vaccination requirement set. (if applicable)

    Students will need to take into consideration the mandatory Malaysian quarantine arrangement managed by the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) upon their arrival in Malaysia. Please be informed that as of present, the quarantine arrangement for any international traveller to Malaysia is solely managed by NADMA.

    Students may also refer to the following entities to learn more about the mandatory quarantine requirements upon their arrival to Malaysia through the following government entities.

    National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA):

    Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM)  : /

    National Security Council (MKN):

List of courses offered

The list of courses offered in UPM can be found in the Study Programme Handbook by Faculty. However, please take note that the list of courses offered is subject to change depending on availability.

Detailed information are provided in the brochure.

Here are the required documents that you need to prepare :

1.(ITS) Application_Form_for_study_in_UPM_(Inbound)

2. CV

3. Certificate of Enrollment

4. An Official Academic Transcript in English version with GPA min 3.0 

5. One recommendation letter from an academic advisor

6. Scanned of the applicant’s passport information page (at least valid until one year from 1 Oct 2023)

7. Valid English Proficiency Test Score (original). TOEFL/IELTS/IBT/EFL certificate  with minimum score 477, TOEFL Duolingo min 90 points. Please kindly note that EFL from Dirpendik, TOEFL Prediction and score screenshoot from web UPT Bahasa are not acceptable

8. Learning Agreement (please download from here  ) Please only submit with your department coordinator (Head of Dept) signed only. You don’t need to get signed at Institutional Coordinator and please leave blank for that section.

9. Statement Letter (please download from here )

10. Certificate of GCW Non Degree (minimum C) or Result Test GCW Non Degree min 80

11. ITS Students must consult with thier parents for the financial aspects and please kindly provide the statement letter from your parents (in Bahasa) that your parents are support you (all financial & mental) to join this program. (No format required)

The incomplete application will not proceed by Mobility Team.

For ITS Students who interested to join this program please kindly submit your application through this form . All of your documents must be in PDF and collected in 1 (one) .zip/.rar file. If you have finished and submitted your Study Abroad Application form, YOU HAVE TO SEND email to confirming that you have filled out the Study Abroad Application Form and submit it. Please use this subject: “Confirmation Study Abroad Application_UPM_NAME_NRP”. The submission deadline is on 27 November 2023 (09.00 WIB). The Interview Session will be held on 29 November 2023.

If you have questions about this program, please send an email to Mr. Ade at with subject : ASK_UPM

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