IIT Bombay Student Exchange Spring Semester 2024

Fri, 11 Aug 2023
3:04 pm
Exchange for ITS Students
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India Institute of Technology Bombay, India, would like to inform you that the registration for semester exchange application for Spring 2024 semester (Jan – Apr 2024) is open.  The tuition fee for this program is waived. However the accepted students are responsible for their independent quarantine, learning materials, dorm and  living expenses in India including Roundtrip Flight Ticket & Travel Insurance.  students need to check the entry regulations from India Government.

Faculties offering exchange opportunities in various Departments for Bachelor/Double Degree, Master, and Research More options available at:

Course list link:

Academic Calendar for detailed information:

Minimum no. of credits to be taken in a semester – 15 credits Maximum no. of credits that can be taken in a semester – 40 credits Recommended credits for exchange and study abroad students is 15-30 credits (normally 3 to 5 courses)

Credit structure at IIT Bombay:
Refer page no. 7 at:
Grading pattern at IIT Bombay:
Refer page nos. 24-26 at:

Hostel charges INR 7,000 per month (Additional days of stay will be charged as INR 1000 per day)
Administration fees INR 15,000 per semester (for students doing course and/or project work)
Library deposit (refundable) INR 10,000 (optional)
Semester Mess Advance INR 27,000
Mess Security Deposit INR 2,000

These are the approximate amounts. The actual amounts will be communicated to the students by the respective hostels at the time of joining. All fees are subject to revision from time to time. A semester is considered to be a period of 4 months or less. The payments can be made in any of the following ways:
1. In cash in INR.
2. Wire transferred to the IIT Bombay Main A/C. (Bank details will be shared after joining)

  • Exchange student will be provided on campus accommodation upon their arrival as per availability.
  • Exchange student will be provided only OPD facility at IIT Bombay Hospital. Student should obtain a personal insurance policy, covering sickness and accidents before arrival at IIT Bombay

Please make sure you only select on Spring Semester only. ITS Students (Diploma & S1) need to take and transfer maximum credits opportunity. The students are not allowed to re-take the courses that you’ve taken during your study in ITS. Students can only select maximum from two different faculties. This program opens for student from batch 2021

Here are the required documents that you need to prepare :

  1. Application form.
  2. Personal Particulars of Foreign Scholars coming to India.
  3. Bio Data / Curriculum Vitae / Resume.
  4. Copy of the grade transcripts with the explanation of the assigned grades. (Certified English translation is required, if the document is in other language)
  5. A statement of purpose from the student.
  6. Study plan (in case of course work*) or Project plan (in case of project/research work).
  7. A Bonafide certificate from the Home University certifying that you are the student of the University and they have no objection in your studying at IIT Bombay. If being sent under the MoU, the home university should clearly state that you are being nominated under the existing MoU.
  8. Two recommendation letters from the faculty members.
  9. Documentary proof to illustrate fluency in English language. (Any ONE of the following)
    a. for IUP Students: A note on mark sheets or a letter from the home department stating that the medium of instruction is English; OR
    b. TEFL Certificate from UPBG with minimum score 550
    c. A pass in any ONE of the following tests will be required: i. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), administered by the Educational Testing Service in the US, in which scores of at least 580 overall and 4.0 in the Test of Written English are required. The computer based test requires scores of at least 240 overall and 4.0 in essay writing. The internet based test requires scores of at least 95 overall with a minimum score of 20 in writing.
    ii. The International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) test, administered by the British Council, in which scores of 6 or more in each section and an overall score of 6.5 are required.
    iii. Duolingo score (of 115). Test scores more than two years old will not be accepted for consideration.
  10. Copy of the passport. (page showing your nationality and personal details)
  11. A signed undertaking from the student on plain paper wherein they certify that they will bear all the charges including the tuition and administrative fees, accommodation, health related expenses, food charges, and all other incidental charges during the course of their stay at IIT Bombay.
  12. ITS Students must consult with their parents for the financial aspects and please kindly provide the statement letter from your parents (in Bahasa) that your parents are support you (all financial & mental) to join this program. (No format required)
  13. Declaration of health insurance

The incomplete application will not proceed by Mobility Team.

For ITS Students who interested to join this program please kindly submit your application through this form . All of your documents must be in PDF and collected in 1 (one) .zip/.rar file. If you have finished and submitted your Study Abroad Application form, YOU HAVE TO SEND email to confirming that you have filled out the Study Abroad Application Form and submit it. Please use this subject: “Confirmation Study Abroad Application_SIITB_NAME_NRP”. The submission deadline is on 11 September 2023 ( 23.59 WIB). The Interview Session will be held on 13 September 2023.

If you have questions about this program, please send an email to Mr. Ade at with subject : ASK_IITB

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