(Urgent) UTM Student Exchange Fall Semester 2022

Wed, 20 Apr 2022
1:28 pm
Exchange for ITS Students
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Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) would like to inform you that the registration for semester exchange application for fall semester 2022 (Intake Oct 2022 – Feb 2023) is already opened.  The tuition fee for this program is waived. However, the accepted students are responsible for their learning materials, dormitory and living expenses in Malaysia including Roundtrip Flight Ticket, visa fees, facility fee & Insurance. The students also need to check entry regulations from Malaysian Government 

This program is open for ITS Students Diploma/S1 (batch 2019 & 2020) and also S2 all batch

You may check information about UTM at

You may check the academic calendar at this link:

The list courses you may download from this link ( You only allow to take courses from one Faculty) :

Undergraduate :

Postgraduate :

ITS Students must choose from semester 1 list (odd semester). ITS Students also must take and transfer minimum 12 sks.

Fees :


Incoming student is required to apply for the Single Entry Visa (SEV) at Malaysia Embassy in your home country. In order to obtain the SEV, the incoming student needs to apply for the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to obtain a Mobility Pass with the duration of study 3 – 12 months from Malaysia Immigration through UTM.

  1. All International students who wish to study for 3 – 6 months at any educational institution in Malaysia must apply for a Mobility Pass. Visa Approval Letter (VAL) must be applied three (3) months prior the arrival to obtain Mobility Pass upon arrival.
  2. All students under this category must come under a Mobility Pass and not a tourist or entry visa. UTM International will help students to apply for the mobility pass visa upon arrival. Any information will be updated by email.
  3. Effective from 1 December 2016, Visa Approval Letter (VAL) for Mobility Pass application is managed by the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) through EMGS STAR System, at prior of submission to Malaysia Immigration Department. Any payment charged should be made directly to EMGS.
  4. Once you received the approval letter for your mobility pass, you are required to go to nearby Malaysia Embassy as stated in the visa with reference letter and request for Single Entry Visa.


  1. All students must come under a mobility pass and not a tourist or entry visa. UTM International will help students to apply for the visa.
  2. Students need to buy flight ticket only after you receive Visa Approval Letter (VAL) from UTM or our Malaysian Immigration either via email or mail to obtain the mobility pass upon arrival.
  3. For the duration of study less than 3 months: The students need to ensure that the visit pass duration is able to cover your study duration in Malaysia.
  4. You are advised to follow Malaysia rules and regulations. Failure to follow the regulations is under your own responsibility. Refer to our Malaysia Immigration Department at

You may check visa procedure at this link:


The student is COMPULSORY to purchase health insurance which covers personal accident, inpatient treatment, repatriation, death and any other additional terms which necessarily while in Malaysia. Purchasing the insurance:

  1. For study duration less than 3 months: You are compulsory to purchase a medical/travel insurance from your home country which can cover costs for medical and hospitalization in Malaysia hospital.
  2. For study duration from 3 – 12 months: All students are required to obtain a valid insurance policy in Malaysia. Students need to obtain insurance policies available which are available upon applying for the mobility pass through EMGS STARS system.

Students Accommodation:

You will be guaranteed an on-campus accommodation. The rate for a room may vary by room type. Students can choose their own room subject to approval and availability. Student Accommodation

Incoming students are also allowed to rent private – off campus accommodation. However, students are required to make their own arrangement on this matter.

Here are the required documents that you need to prepare :

1. CV

2. Certificate of Enrollment

3. An Official Academic Transcript in English version with GPA min 3.0 

4. One recommendation letter from an academic advisor

5. Photocopy of the applicant’s passport information page (at least valid until one year from 1 Oct 2022)

6. Valid English Proficiency Test Score (original). TOEFL/IELTS/IBT/EFL certificate  with minimum score 477. Please kindly note that EFL from Dirpendik, TOEFL Prediction and score screenshoot from web UPT Bahasa are not acceptable

7. Learning Agreement (please download from here  ) Please only submit with your department coordinator (Head of Dept) signed only. You don’t need to get signed at Institutional Coordinator and please leave blank for that section.

8. Statement Letter (please download from here )

9. Passport Photo with blue background

10. Certificate of GCW Non Degree (minimum C) or Result Test GCW Non Degree min 80 (S2 Applicants can replace it with R2SEP certificate)

The incomplete application will not proceed by Mobility TeamITS Students must consult with your parents for the financial aspects and please kindly provide the statement letter from your parents (in Bahasa) that your parents are support you (all financial & mental) to join this program. You need to submit it during interview process

For ITS Students who are interested with this program please kindly send all of your documents (softcopy in PDF format ) to Mr. Wahyu/Mr. Ade at with subject : StudentExchange_UTM_Name_NRP maximum on  28 April  2022 ( 10.00 WIB). the interview selection will be held on 28 April 2022 around 19.30 – 21.00 WIB

If you have questions about this program, please send an email to Mr. Ade at with subject : ASK_StudentExchange_UTM

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