FBICC 2021 Batch 1: Highlight

Sun, 02 May 2021
8:49 am

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It is the second year holding this program as the brand new program of  ITS Global Engagement as adapting the new normal of virtual activities in the middle of the pandemic. As the successor of the FBICC program in 2020, this year we received 550 applicants in total for the first batch which is held on March-May 2021. In the same online registration form, it is also open registration for Batch 2 (June – August) and Batch 3 (October – December). So far, we have received 132 applicants for Batch 2 and 19 applicants for Batch 3. 

FBICC batch one participants vary from countries around the world including the Philippines, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, East Timor, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and also some participants from Check Republic, Russia, United States, Spain, Netherland, Cambodia, China, Yemen, Argentina, Algeria, Libya, Belgium, India, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Italy, Belarus, Poland, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Palestine, Turkey, and Iran. 

The opening program of FBICC was held in three sessions which were on March, 3rd 2021. Session one at 8 AM (GMT+7) was attended by more than 240 participants, session two at 4 PM with 170 more participants, and the last session at 6 PM with more than 250 participants. The opening program was officially opened by Assoc. Prof. Maria Anityasari Ph.D. as the Director of ITS Global Engagement and Octaviyanti Dwi Wahyurini, S.T., M.AppDesArt, Ph.D. as the Senior Manager of Promotion and Mobility. The event then continued with a program overview, ITS campus tour using the latest 360° camera to acknowledge the participants with the host university program, and closed by FBICC 2021 committees and tutors introduction. 

Through the opening section, The high enthusiasm from the participants is apparently shown. Some of them are online from their own countries and have many hours different to be able to participate in the opening. Around 12-hours difference between Americans who were online at night compared to Indonesia which is still in the morning and some European countries, Russians, and the Middle Eastern, which also have 5 to 6 hours difference with Surabaya. The program overview introduced to all participants that they will be given 11 weeks of the meeting including opening, closing, and city tour using the experience of a 360° camera. The main meetings are about greeting, introduction, family, direction, going around, day, months, number, money, daily activities, and the last but not least introduction of Indonesian Anthem entitled “Indonesia Raya”. 

Hopefully, all participants will enjoy the whole program through the last meeting and open the opportunity of global networking, a chance to learn Indonesian and the culture as Indonesian is a big potential of economic, tourism, higher education, and research as the biggest ASEAN country. 

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