GLS on SDGs 2020 Highlight

Thu, 18 Feb 2021
2:21 pm
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Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through international learning environment, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember held an international guest lecture series entitled Guest Lecture Series (GLS) on SDGs. ITS became the first university in Indonesia conducting guest lecture on United Nations’ SDGs. This program is aimed towards ITS students and international participants. The lecture is delivered by lecturers, NGO, experts, and academics from around the world.

In the GLS SDGs Fall 2020, we had 15 speakers from various countries delivering online guest lectures to more than 1000 ITS students and 900 international participants. The participants were spread around the world and gathered virtually for this program.

Distribution of country of origin of GLS SDGs Participants

Among all of the topics, the 13th topic was the meeting with the most participants.

Participants in each meeting

Please have a look at some of testimony from the speakers and participants of the GLS on SDGs Fall 2021.

Stepping into 2021, ITS remains committed to increase the understanding & the involvement of all parties in achieving the SDGs. Therefore, without waiting, In January 2021, ITS will again present a Guest Lecture Series (GLS) on SDGs and invite the world community to join in.













If you are interested in participating in this program as a guest speaker, please visit for more details and for registering your expression of interest.

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