From Students For Students x Let’s Study Abroad (October – December)

Fri, 18 Dec 2020
2:55 pm
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FS2 (From Students for Students) x LSA (Let’s Study Abroad), held on 10 October 2020; 1 November 2020; and 6 December 2020 via Zoom Meeting. It provided students who had studied abroad a sharing session with ITS students who want to study abroad.

First Batch

For the first event on 10 October 2020, FS2 x LSA started with an opening speech from Mr. Wahyu as a junior supervisor of ITS GE. Then continued with a session by Raudlah Hawin Ayani, Dual Degree Master student in Geomatics Engineering ITS-NCKU, Taiwan. She shared her experience while she was participating in the Student Research Program at Shibaura Institute Technology, Japan. She shared every single thing that happened there and gave some advice to the students who want to join such an international event.

The next session by Made Ayu Nandini, student of Electrical Engineering batch 2018. She was ITS Official Delegation for Gottingen MUN 2019, Gottingen, Germany. She shared about her experience while joining MUN and also shared some tips and tricks to be the next delegation for MUN.

The third session was from Ghina Ayudiya Putri, System and Industrial Engineering student batch 2017. She was participating in Canada ASEAN SEED Program at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She shared her experience about living abroad and studying in a foreign country.

The last session was from Ni Wayan Aristya Dewi, Industrial Chemical Engineering student batch 2017. She was one of the participants who participated in Delightful Istanbul 2020 Summer School, Istanbul Aydin University. She shared her experiences and moments that she can only get in the program.

Continuing with Let’s Study Abroad session. In this session, we allocated the participants into different breakout rooms according to the country chosen. Finally, the event ended with a group photo session.

Second Batch

Started with an opening speech from Mrs. Octaviana Dwi Wahyuriini as a Senior Manager of ITS Global Engagement, FS2 x LSA was back again on 1 November 2020. Having similar topics but with different speakers, FS2 x LSA this month was going as well as before. 

For Internship session, we have Sukma Laksita from Environmental Engineering batch 2016. She was participating in International Mobility Internship at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia France Institute (UniKL MFI) 2019. 

We also have Kharisma Perdana Setiawan from Chemical Engineering batch 2017 and also a part of SPEKTRONICS ITS Team. He shared his experience when he was participating in an International Competition especially Chemeca Conference Chem-E-Car Competition Australia and Malaysia Chem-E-Car Competition with Spektronics ITS Team.

For Exchange session, we have Sayyaf Muhammad Nafis, Industrial Product Design 2016 student, as a speaker. He was one of the participants who get the opportunity to participate in Student Exchange at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand Fall Semester 2019.

While for Short Program session, Firdaus Pratama Wiwoho, Enviromental Engineering 2017 student, was the speaker. He shared his experience when he was participating in Southern Denmark University Summer School 2019, Southern Denmark University.

Same as before, following by LSA session, and closed with group photo session.

Third Batch

FS2 x LSA has their last batch for this series on 6 December 2020. It started with an opening speech from Ms. Cindy as a PIC of FS2 x LSA. Although with same topics, but with different speakers this month went different than the others.

For International Competition session, we have Alifa Rizki Rahmarani from Information Systems 2017. She was participating in Future Ready ASEAN Competition 2019, Thailand. 

We also have Christopher Salim from Geophysichal Engineering 2016 for the speaker of Internship session. He shared his experience when he was participating as a Research Intern at Earthquake Research Institute (ERI), The University of Tokyo, Japan (2019).

For Exchange session, we have Amira Rana Adila, Statistics 2017 student, as a speaker. She was one of the participants who got the opportunity to participate in Student Exchange National Central University Taiwan Fall Semester 2019.

While for Short Program session, Aida Safira, Business Management 2016 alumni, was the speaker. She shared his experience when she was participating in Winter University Program, Darmstadt University of Applied Science 2020

Continuing with LSA session to provide participants who want to ask about living in some countries abroad. Following that, Agatha shared some information about how to apply programs. Finally, the event ended with group photo session.


The participants listened very enthusiastically to the speakers. Many questions that the participants asked showed that they are really interested to try an international program such as internship, international competition, exchange, and also short program.

Let’s hope there will be more ITS students who have their stepping stone to look for new experiences outside their comfort zone.


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