Virtual World Tour 2020 by Coventry University, UK

Fri, 16 Oct 2020
8:57 pm
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Dear ITS Students,

Centre of Global Engagement – Coventry University, UK will hold Virtual World Tour 2020. ITS Students will get new insight and engagement through this program. The Virtual World Tour provides you with the opportunity to engage in cultural resources from around the globe. This includes everything from undertaking virtual walking and museum tours, participating in language taster sessions and expanding your professional network with students from across Coventry University partnerships.

The tour also includes:

  • Access to live webinars delivered by academic teams across the world, providing valuable insights to new cultures.
  • Virtual industry visits, gaining access behind closed doors to organisations that may be linked to your future career.
  • Language taster sessions delivered by our Global Languages – Linguae Mundi teaching team.
  • LinkedIn Learning sessions to gain specific skills linked to the Virtual World Tour.
  • Global Leaders Programme sessions focussed on developing your transitional skills.
  • Opportunity to build your professional network with student’s across the world.
  • Participation certificate for your CV.

These are the steps that you need to join this program

Step 1
Using the following link: input your username and password (Please use email ITS) then click to create your account

Step 2
You will then receive a confirmation email account you have provided which contains a link. Copy and paste the link into a web browser, this will verify your account and take you to your dashboard.

Step 3
We advise students at this point to use the option (drop down menu) on the very top right of the screen to edit your profile. Add a picture, additional names or interests.

Step 4
The Open Moodle page which provides access to the first set of destinations and booking options for our Virtual World Tour webinars can then be accessed from this link: , alternatively you can search for the course title: CU-CGEWVT 2020-21
Click on the page and there will be an option to self-enrol. Click on enrol which will take you to the Virtual World Tour page.

You will see various tiles on the main page, please read the information in the first tile carefully which will provide introductory information, an order of the countries you can visit and instructions on how to book onto the live activities
We hope you enjoy your Virtual World Tour, we will provide information throughout the tour via announcements on the Open Moodle page and via our social media channels.

Get in touch
Facebook: Twitter: @CovUniGlobal Instagram: @CovUniGlobal
Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CGEVirtualWorldTour







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