Budcast Episode 3: Save Lives Below Water! ft. SDG 14

Wed, 05 Aug 2020
9:17 pm
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After the release of episode 2, Budcast was back again with another hot topic. This time, Budcast featured Michael, a recipient of Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) scholarship from Sierra Leone, West Africa, together with his charming buddy, Fauzan, a student volunteer of ITS Global Engagement. In addition to that was Budcast’s final guest, Colin, an exchange student from France, currently staying at Lombok, who joined in on this episode’s interesting discussions. Hosted by Tsamarah, the three men shared their thoughts on the current condition of the oceans and the importance of saving lives below water, which is heavily correlated to SDG 14, Life Below Water. Deep discussions were initiated from watching the BBC News video played by Tsamarah that showcased the current conditions of oceans around the world, which was polluted with medical wastes, namely disposable masks, gloves, and many others.

When finished with the video, Michael expressed his great concern for the lives below water during this terrible pandemic. Meanwhile, Colin and Fauzan gave insight that this phenomenon of excess waste in the oceans is not new. As we know, plastic pollutes our oceans, but especially during the pandemic, more wastes are being added to the pile. But despite that, Fauzan suggested an alternative to contribute to minimizing wastes, such as using fabric masks instead of disposable masks, while Colin revealed his beach clean-up plans. When discussing the use of fabric masks as a method of minimizing disposable wastes, Tsamarah gains a huge relief when Fauzan, Michael, and Colin show their fabric masks to protect the lives below water and achieve SDG 14, Life Below Water. In the last segment of the episode, the Game time, Michael and Colin had a trip down memory lane with a game of Guess-the-Picture of familiar places in Surabaya.

Budcast was very much pleased to have Michael, Colin, and Fauzan as the third episode’s guests. It is hoped that what was discussed by the guests will open everyone’s hearts and minds to realize how human actions can easily affect life below water, both positively and negatively. International cooperation is needed to achieve SDG 14, Life Below Water.

Curious about the third episode of Budcast? Check out Budcast: Episode 3 on ITS Global Engagement Youtube channel and Instagram TV for the full episode. This episode can be watched on Youtube through this link, as for Instagram TV through this link.

Lastly, it is hoped that this episode can raise public awareness on the fact that every plastic thrown to the ocean destroys and that every little action matters to the lives below water. Contribute together with us to achieve SDG 14, Life Below Water!

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