The 4th Global Learning Program (GLP) 2020

Tue, 30 Jun 2020
10:41 pm
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Global Learning Project (GLP) 2020 is a general course intended for ITS students, especially International Undergraduate Program (IUP) students. The 4th Global Learning Program (GLP) that was held under the theme of Biochar for Soil Amandement and Climate Change Mitigation and PLANE3T Project. The program was held on Tuesday, 27 February 2020 (15.00-16.40 WIB) located in Sinarmas Auditorium, Industrial Engineering building, ITS Surabaya.


This event was delivered to students who took an English course with Prof. Shinjiro Sato from Soka University, Japan as the speaker. The attended participants were up to 139 IUP students from various departments.

Prof. Shinjiro Sato explained his researchs in front of the participants. The first reaserch is about biochar which come from a combination of words of biomass+charcoal. The definition of biochar is a solid material obtained from the carbonization thermochemical conversion of biomass (pyrolisis) in oxygen-limited environments (from IBI). The second research is PLANE3T (Plankton Eco-engineering for Environmental and Economic Transformation) Project that held on Ethiopia. The project that shared was related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). It give insight about implemention of SDGS goals to ITS students.

During the event, all of the participants were very enthusiastic as the event ran successfully. By creating this program, ITS is expecting to develop the English capabilities and competencies among the students.

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