Buddy Session 2020

Thu, 18 Jun 2020
8:55 pm
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Buddy Session Is one of many programs that were held by ITS Global Engagement for international students. This program was created in order to understand international students’ problems while they were studying in ITS.



Buddy Session was held on 17 – 21 February 2020. It was attended by 26 international students from Malaysia, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, and France. It was also attended by 9 Global Engagement volunteers as their buddies. In this program, international students met up with their buddies. Then, the buddy asked several questions regarding the problem during their study in ITS. From the answers that were received, each buddy made a report on the list of problems that International Students had. During this event, all of the international students were very excited to their experience and problem.



From the report that each buddy had made, ITS Global Engagement can understand the difficulty that international students faced in ITS. With this understanding, ITS can hopefully improve itself toward a World-Class University.

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